Gallery: FCA Showcases Latest Models at 97th Annual Vancouver International Auto Show

The Vancouver International Auto Show has always proved to be a hugely popular event; drawing thousands of people over the multiple days it takes place. This year for the 97th annual show, it turned out to be their most successful year yet since moving to a 6-day show, with a double digit increase in attendance by 13.7%, resulting in 115,608 show attendees!

Single day attendance reached record highs on both Saturday and Sunday, with Saturday seeing over 30,000 visitors to the event and Sunday with over 21,000. These numbers solidify that the Vancouver International Auto Show is the best attended consumer show in Western Canada.

“The significant attendance numbers this year is a positive perk for all of us involved with the show,” says Executive Director, Jason Heard. “The huge turnout and crowds of people over the weekend once again confirms that British Columbians love their cars, and this is the ultimate place to see, learn and discover new vehicles in a sales and pressure free environment.”

“Over the past three years the Vancouver show has developed a significant momentum, drawing international attention from media, and showcasing world-renowned exhibitors,” says Heard. “We have created a model that is crafted to people’s love affair of the automobile – from exotics and electrics to classics and customs, the show offers something for everyone. We are once again planning to expand the show in 2018, and are looking forward to continuing to evolve the most anticipated auto event in Western Canada.”

While over 40 manufacturers send brand new model year vehicles to display at the event, we here at Mopar Connection get the most excited about the Dodge/FCA display. FCA and its multiple brands have one of the biggest displays at the event, with over 25 vehicles showcased. Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Fiat and Alfa-Romeo all had their latest and greatest vehicles on display for the public to look at, sit in and crawl all over (not literally).

This event was the first opportunity for me to see the newly released Dodge Durango SRT, Charger Daytona and Challenger T/A in person. In our opinion, the Durango SRT is absolutely jaw-dropping and both the T/A and Daytona are as badass as expected. While the Durango SRT on display was said to be an early pre-production model that had some pretty poor fitment issues such as the hood scoop insert and crooked fender badges, we can’t wait to see these bad boys hit the road!

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