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Gallery: Retired Cruiser Returned to Action – Part 1

For the last decade, I have used a retired Charger Pursuit Package as a “company car” affectionately called “Adam-12” to haul my photo equipment into Mopar events and as a “test bed” for aftermarket components. ...

Video: Installing YearOne & Auto Custom Carpets Made Easy

Gallery: Project Marsha Gets Quarter Panels at All Classics Restoration

Gallery: Mr. Gasket’s V-Gate ProShifter Added Performance & Reliability

During the muscle car period, having a ride equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission got everybody’s attention. By adding a Mr. Gasket Co. ProShifter vertical-gate (v-gate) shifter, your street cred rose to the stratosphere. The ...

Gallery: The Demon 170 Proves its 8-second Mettle in the ...

Kevin Shaw: So I’m Starting To Think You Guys Don’t ...

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