Dodge Adds 1,000 New Hellcats To Production Run

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

The folks here at Directly Connected were as over the moon about the success of the Challenger Hellcat as any Mopar lover could be. But it’s never cool when you order a new car and the dealership keeps telling you it’s going to be weeks to months before you see your new hellish ride. Or more. So we were pleased to see this posted over at

“For those of you still waiting on your VIN’s, you just may be receiving a nice little surprise in the coming days. An anonymous source tipped us this morning and said that Dodge has just scheduled an additional 1,000 SRT Hellcat’s [sic] to be built. Of those 1,000 new schedules, we did not receive any hard numbers on how many were Challengers or Chargers, but it’s definitely a huge step in the right direction and looks like Dodge is listening.”

Yup, that means more happy buyers of new Hellcats, turning a sour story into sweet music to the Mopar ears. If you remember, Dodge shut down any new Hellcat orders in order to fulfill the ones that were already in the queue. Now that this strategy is paying off they’ve turned up the wick on what was to be a limited production run to the tune of 1,000 new cars. That is stellar news for anybody considering a new ‘Cat and a tip of the hat to Dodge for realizing they’d better get a handle on their runaway success story before people start running away from their dealerships in disgust.

But it’s a funny thing about 707 horsepower. Those new owners who waited so long for their car – doubly long if they ordered the matte black hood finish which required another assembly line shutdown and adjustment – seem to forget all about the delay when they lay down two long strips of asphalt decoration. The smile on their face is instantaneous, no delay at all.

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Des Ryan

Des Ryan has been involved in all levels of Mopar musclecar ownership, from barn finds to drivers to a high-level restored Hemicar. He's also spent over 20 years in the advertising industry as a copywriter and creative director. With pen in one hand and pistol-grip shifter in the other, Des is bringing his two passions together to keep you Direct-Connected.

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