Gallery: Mopars in the Park by Fox Valley Chapter of the Chicagoland Mopar Connection

On June 23rd 2024 the Fox Lake Illinois area was invaded by a Swarm? Gaggle? A torrent of beautiful Mopars. For the past decades the Chicagoland Mopar Connection [no affiliation with Mopar Connection Magazine – Ed.] has hosted a Mopar show in a very nice park in Fox Lake Illinois. I have been attending the show for as long as I have been into cars. I even drove straight back from Michigan the last two years so I would not miss it.

The Fox Valley Chapter of the CMC club is the ones that put it on. Filled with very passionate people from all walks of life. It is always a nice show with a few hundred cars showing up. The pond and stream that are on the property allow for a beautiful scene for pictures. This year the show really stepped it up a notch. There were cars at the event that in the years I have been coming, I have never seen before!

There was twin 1969 Chrysler Town and Country wagons. There was a ’70 Dodge Polara Convertible with very rare ‘Super-lite’ option still in the grille. A tribute 1970 Plymouth Superbird done up like the Hamilton #40, powered by a newer Dodge NASCAR V8! 1972 Dodge Demon Mr. Norms car, vintage Power Wagon with PTO driven saw. There was something for everyone from new to old, stock and modified.

And for the younger crowd (or older), they had a very large model contest with awards that went right along with them. The main show had 24 different award classes! It is always a good time at Mopars at the Park in Fox Lake. It is always in mid-June. So, I hope to see you all there.

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Ryan Brutt

Ryan is an automotive journalist from Chicago with a pair of Challengers (a '70 and a '09). Normally, in Ryan's free time (which is a lot), he drives around the country documenting old cars in their unrestored condition - also known as "Barn Finds." But he also writes about any sort of cool cars out there.

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