“Dukes” Star, John Schneider’s “General Lee” Dodge Charger Has Been Stolen

There’s an old Texan adage that states, “We used to hang horse thieves” that comes to mind as we pen this article. While such severe frontier justice isn’t dolled out anymore, there is legal routes available to reclaim and/or reimburse lost property. In this case, the missing property is possibly one of the most famous muscle cars even used on screen, and the victim being the television star who made said car so popular.

In a recent Facebook post, actor/singer John Schneider, who famously played Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard” television series announced that his 1969 Dodge Charger “General Lee” had been missing for some time. Schneider stated he knew who had possession of it and that they had intentions of selling it without Schneider’s knowledge or permission.

The Charger in question is not an original on-screen used unit, but is particularly special to Schneider as it was gifted to him by his late wife, Alicia who passed away last year. Obvious for legal reasons, Schneider left much out in the way of details in his post, but offered enough to rally support from his fans.

Here’s what John Schneider wrote in his original Facebook post:
It’s a very sad day for me because I just discovered who has had my General Lee all these month.

The saddest part is that they somehow feel that even though they know all the circumstances under which Alicia gifted him to me (live on Facebook for my birthday) that he somehow belongs to them and it is within their rights to personally gain from his sale among other things.

I am going to do everything i can to stop this from happening but do find solace in the knowledge that both God and Alicia are watching. Closely.

While I would never name names…

I believe Rosco would say: “Shame, shame! Everybody knows your name!”

Truly disappointed.

In a follow up post, Schneider went further into detail explaining how he came to learn about the whereabouts of his missing Dodge Charger, stating:

I had a very interesting conversation with a young man at the Comic Con in Jackson Mississippi the other day. Imagine my surprise when he came to my table and said the following:

“I know who has your car.”

“What car?” I asked.

“Your General Lee. Bo’s General Lee that your wife gave to you on Facebook at your birthday party a couple of years ago.”

“Who might that be?“ I said.

When he told me the name… I was shocked…

Because the name he told me was familiar. Very.

I haven’t had the chance to substantiate what he said yet, but I have notified the proper authorities. Hopefully very soon I will have good news to report.

I did know who took him. But I had no idea where he was stashed…

Until now.

I’m posting this to thank that young man for shedding some light on this for me.

Since I’m going to be out of town a while longer if anyone has any information about whose yard or garage “Bo’s General Lee” is parked in it would be greatly appreciated.

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