Easy GEN III HEMI Swaps With Reilly Motorsports

Have you been thinking about swapping a Gen III HEMI into your classic Mopar? The salvage yards have a variety of HEMIs available or you can call your favorite speed shop and order a brand new crate motor from Ma Mopar. We understand getting a motor is only half the battle, installing it can be a little over whelming. Well, the guys at Reilly Motorsports are here to help.

Ordering the AlterKtion will not only completely change the quality of your ride but it makes Gen III HEMI swaps a breeze. The added room the tubular K-frame frees up allows for a variety of oil pans and plenty of clearance for headers or manifolds. Not to mention that the k-member will come with proper motor mounts that will not require shimming or adapters.  

Many of you might know Reilly Motorsports offers the AlterKtion with Gen III HEMI motor mounts. What you may not know is they also have many accessories you will need for the swap. Owner Bill Reilly has worked with many aftermarket companies to make sure their products work with the AlterKtion on A, B and E-bodies without any issues. Reilly Motorsports offers oil pans, low profile Hellcat water crossovers, HEMI engine lift plates and more. If Reilly Motorsports does not carry it they will help guide you to what you need. 

Everyone we have talked to have no regrets with swapping a modern HEMI into their classic Mopar. The power and efficiency of the new motors is incredible. Who would think your classic Mopar could have 700hp and get over 20mpg? Give Reilly Motorsports a call today.

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Gavin Wollenburg

Gavin grew up around Mopars in his lakeside home in Ohio, his father showing him nearly everything he needed to know about haulin' some serious rear in his '72 Dart Swinger. Since then, he's made his little A-Body a serious autocross contender and regularly shows the modern boys how an old Dart does it!

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