eBay Find of the Day: Very Rare ’72 Brazilian Dodge Charger R/T Survivor (Gallery)

The Dodge Charger is one of Mopar’s most legendary cars. However, what some may not know is that it had an A-body Brazilian cousin; also called the Charger. The first Dodge Charger was presented officially to the Brazilian public in 1970. Launched as a 1971 model, the Brazilian Charger actually looked nothing like the 1971 Charger sold to the North American market. See, it actually offered a lot of similarities from the Dart with its styling however it had styling queues from the 2nd generation Charger with its sail panels. Realistically, it was more or less a Dart with a Charger name badge in most ways.

The Brazilian Charger offered new options and quickly became the best sportscar in the country. Two versions of this model were presented: the Charger (later called Charger LS) and Charger R/T. The LS came equipped with a 3-speed transmission on the column, power steering, wheel covers (instead of Magnum wheels), no stripes, and the optional automatic transmission. The R/T offered a 4-speed manual transmission, power-steering, power disc brakes, tachometer, Magnum wheels and better interior materials and seats. Both versions got the strongest engine manufactured in the country at that time: the LA 318ci V8 producing 215 horsepower. The Charger became the fastest car produced in Brazil, with a top speed of 200 km/h.

In 1972, the Brazilian Charger got a new interior, tail lights, and new sport-stripes covering the sides and hood. Although they were very popular in Brazil, it’s reported that not very many remain today. In fact, it’s said there are only 35-40 still around so finding one is very tough. We were quite surprised when one surfaced on eBay for sale. This specific 1972 R/T was purchased new by a Chrysler Dealership named Ibirapuera and sold to a customer in Brazil, a farmer from the city of Atibaia.

The vehicle luckily had a nice pampered life with the owner and was put into storage in 1977 when the owner moved to Japan. The Charger remained in storage in his barn on the family farm until it was discovered by a Brazilian Mopar fan in 2000. He was able to purchase it from the owner back in 2006. Because it was stored for most of its life, it’s safe to say this is one of, if not the most original untouched numbers matching survivor examples out there. You are looking at the original paint and sheet metal!

On the inside, that’s the original interior as well! The carpet, floor mats, leather seats; all original. It even has the new leather smell surprisingly considering it does have 72,436 kilometers (43,478 miles) on it. It even has dealer installed A/C. Under the hood, you’ll see the numbers matching 318 V8 which still has the original paint on it. The 4-speed transmission is also numbers matching and it still even has its original clutch! It’s being sold with the original owner’s manual, original 1972 plate it wore back then, original keys, original dealership emblem in the trunk and even the original dealership key ring! According to the ad, it’s still located in Brazil but is ready to ship to Florida with all customs papers complete.

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Cody Krueger

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