ECS Automotive Concepts Unveils 1970 Plymouth Barracuda 4-Door Concept Car

What if Chrysler had built a 4-door sedan version of their ever-so popular E-body ‘Cuda? That’s the question Dave Walden over at ECS Automotive Concepts set out to answer. “The 1970’s brought an Automotive Renaissance to Detroit. A designer’s wildest imagination seemed to be the only limitation to the vehicles that rolled off the assembly line,” says Dave. Story goes that a young gentleman who worked at Chrysler back in 1969 saw a red 1970 Barracuda 4-door sedan “concept car” sitting on a loading dock at Chrysler’s World Headquarters back in the day. Although that story has never been proven, it started the project that you will see below.

With that concept in mind, Dave and a friend named Steve Been started a project that has drawn massive controversy since the idea was announced on the various Mopar forums. There were a few problems though; where do you begin when you’re designing a car that never really was? What do you use when you have no donor vehicle or factory designs? How do you even make it street legal and insurable? Building a car from basically scratch is always tough.

Starting with a run of the mill 1972 Dodge Coronet 4-door sedan shell, each component from large to small had to be fabricated, constructed, and assembled from scratch right down to the VIN tag. The entire vehicle had to be custom built to achieve this “One of a Kind” Concept design with the characteristics of a car that could have been factory built. Dave says, “The closer you look, the more you’ll be drawn to the monumental modifications that are subtle in appearance and almost undetectable in design. You will start to think that what you see is a factory built car, but it is not.”

On April 21st, their 1970 Barracuda 4-door was finally unveiled to the public at the Mopars at the Strip show in Las Vegas. Here are some pictures of the final result! If you’d like to check out a blog on the entire build, click here.

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Cody Krueger

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