Get QA1 Stocker Star Shocks for Dodge D100/150 Trucks at Mancini Racing

Until recently, if performance shock absorbers were desired for a Dodge D100 or D150, the best choice was a set of heavy-duty factory units. With the recent trend of installing G3 Hemis into the spacious engine bays of these trucks, the aftermarket has been quickly catching up, introducing new components to improve sub-systems to handle the newfound engine torque and vehicle speed. Mancini Racing offers the new QA1 Stocker Star line of shock absorbers for ’72-’93 Dodge trucks to control the front and rear spring oscillations.

The USA-built Stocker Star shocks are constructed out of lightweight billet aluminum, and they are finished with a smooth body that offers simple bolt-in installation. The shocks look just as lovely as they perform. Each shock is dyno tested and serialized. And if the shock ever requires rebuilding or adjusting, the shocks can be restored or have the valving recalibrated by a QA1 factory or authorized service center.

Above left: In the automotive arena, jounce refers to the bounce or vertical movement of the vehicle’s suspension upward when it contacts a road bump. QA1 refers to the jounce movement as compression. Rebound refers to the extension of the vehicle’s suspension, which is the opposite motion of compression. Above right: The QA1 Stocker Star non-adjustable shocks provide the best self-adjusting ride possible. The valving provides shaft speed control to precisely vary the shock resistance according to road conditions.

Depending upon what is intended for the truck, QA1 has a full array of Stocker Star shocks with several options to cover any plans. The shock absorbers can be ordered in non-, single-, or double-adjustable designs. The non-adjustable shocks are designed for cruising the main boulevard, and they provide a compliant ride. If more spirited driving is desired, the single-adjustable shocks increase the truck’s handling capabilities.

The single-adjustable shocks are identified by a knob located at the lower end of the housings. The shocks offer 18 clicks from a soft setting of “0” to an “18” rating for the maximum firmness. The single-adjustable shock valve controls rebound and compression simultaneously, which means as the knob is adjusted clockwise from zero, the shock valving would increase for rebound and compression. The opposite is true if the shock knob is turned counterclockwise toward zero.

Above left: The QA1 single-adjustable shocks have one 18-click knob that controls the compression and rebound valving simultaneously. The single-adjustable shocks improve the ride quality and can be dialed in for the desired comfort and performance expected. Above right: The QA1 double-adjustable shocks have an 18-click knob controlling the compression valving and another 18-click knob that controls the rebound valving. The two knobs provide a total of 324 possible valving combinations. The double-adjustable shocks provide an outstanding adjustment range and independent compression and rebound fine-tuning.

The double-adjustable shocks are designed for the rigors of autocross and drag racing events. Each shock has two knobs at the lower end of the shock tube. One knob adjusts the compression level, and the other knob regulates the rebound rate. Each knob can be independently adjusted (18 clicks per knob) to fine-tune the shocks. This means dialing in the “C” knob will only change the compression, and turning the “R” knob will individually adjust the rebound. Regardless of the shock selected, the Stocker Star shocks are best utilized for a factory ride height truck that travels on stock-style suspension springs.

Whether the intent is a night cruising to a car show, enjoying the benefits of firmer feedback in the curves, or taking in some track time on a road course or the drag strip, QA1 has the shocks needed for your truck. If you have questions about the shocks, contact the reps at QA1; then pick up a matching set of Stocker Star shocks from Mancini Racing. In no time, you will have your truck’s suspension matching the performance potential of the new G3 Hemi slipped under the hood.

Above: The QA1 double-adjustable shocks can encompass virtually every application with a soft setting for a comfortable ride to an exceptionally stiff setting for performance handling. The knobs offer carefully defined clicks to provide the ideal force curve to maximize performance. The shocks are designed for autocross and drag racing applications.

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