A B&M Hi-Stall Torque-Converter Powers Bob Lambeck to Multiple Super Stock Championships

In 1971, Lambeck ran Pro Stock on his own with a Dart. Strangely, the Dart does not have side marker lights, like the 1967 model, and it has a 1969 grille. (NHRA photo)

Engine builder, tuner, and driver Bob Lambeck was a pioneer of the Pro Stock eliminator class. However, before his days in Pro Stock, Lambeck ran Pontiacs and Chevys through the 1960s, and by 1967, he had earned a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Division 7 G/Stock (stick car) championship. After catching the eye of Chrysler representative Jerry Gross, Lambeck was teamed up with “Dandy” Dick Landy as a hired gun, which only enhanced Lambeck’s career.

The teaming up of Dick Landy and driver Bob Lambeck along with B&M automatic transmission components, made Lambeck a multi-time Super Stock champion. B&M has been an innovator in the field of automotive transmission since its inception in 1953.

In 1968, he was handed the keys to Landy’s 440 GTS Super Stock/E Automatic (SS/EA) Dart. Besides the tuning brain trust of Landy and Lambeck combined with Lambeck’s driving, a vital part of the 440 Dart’s success was the “Hidden Quick” B&M Hi-Stall Torque-Converter as depicted in the October 1969 Super Stock & Drag Illustrated ad.

In 1968, Lambeck won the NHRA Division 7 championship with the 440 Dart. To prove it wasn’t a fluke, he won a second NHRA Super Stock Division 7 title in a Landy/Lambeck 1969 SS/EA Super Bee.

In 1970, Lambeck ran a 1970 Dart in Pro Stock and a 1970 Hemi Charger in SS/EA. Although he did not win a national Pro Stock race, Lambeck won the NHRA Division 6 Pro Stock championship and another Division 7 Super Stock championship.

Lambeck is running against the boss, Dick Landy. The GTS ran SS/EA while the heavier Coronet ran SS/FA. Both Dodges were motivated by 440s with Torqueflite automatic transmissions. (NHRA photo)

In 1971, Lambeck ventured out on his own. First, he ran a 1968 Dart in Pro Stock, and then in 1972, he switched to a Duster. Lambeck was one of the last Pro Stock drivers to change from a 4-speed to a Lenco shifted transmission. After a crash in early 1973, in which Lambeck severely broke his left leg, he permanently exited the driver’s seat of a Pro Stocker to focus on drag racing’s mechanical side. Lambeck would eventually return to the driver’s seat running various classes, including Super Stock, Modified Production, and Competition Eliminator.

In the late 1970s, Lambeck worked with Randy Humphrey on Humphrey’s 1978 Plymouth Volare Pro Stocker. The team is credited with ending Bob Glidden’s 50 round win streak at the 1979 Mile-High Nationals. Lambeck has remained active in engine building and tuning ever since. He has been instrumental in numerous championships for many teams, including his enormously successful son, Doug Lambeck.

In 1969, Lambeck moved to a ’69 Coronet, which also ran SS/EA. The results, however, remained the same. Lambeck won the NHRA Division 7 Super Stock championship. (NHRA photo)

B&M, now a Holley company, not only helped the Landy/Lambeck automatic shifted Super Stockers win championships, it has been specializing in performance automatic transmissions and related transmission components since 1953. Over the years, B&M has expanded its catalog to include torque converters, SFI approved flexplates, automatic and manual shifters, cast aluminum pans, coolers, and various blends of automatic transmission fluids.

B&M has been on the leading edge of the development of high-stall torque converters, aftermarket shifters, valve body shift kits, reverse manual valve bodies, and cool cans. According to the 1969 ad, B&M’s moral was “helping you win, keeps us first.” Being first is a tradition of B&M, and its employees are always striving to identify and develop performance products for competition and hot street-focused enthusiasts. If transmission components are needed, look no further than the industry leader to fill those needs – B&M.

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