A Holiday Tradition: American Powertrain Manual OD Transmissions and Bacon

Some traditions become expected and comfortable for each of us. And during the holidays, those customs are even more evident. There may be religious celebrations to attend, office parties, holiday bonuses, family gatherings, and even a pickup game of football. American Powertrain’s annual #BaconShift promotion is quickly becoming a practice enthusiasts look forward to celebrating.

American Powertrain’s promotion combines the best manual overdrive transmissions with Benton’s Bacon, known as “The Best Bacon on Earth.” Who wouldn’t love a good powershift of a well-designed manual transmission and bacon on Christmas day? We cannot think of anyone, either.

Official Release:
Cookeville, TN (December 1, 2023) – American Powertrain, the nation’s leading TREMEC® distributor, announces the return of the company’s annual #BaconShift promotion that accompanies a Christmas sale of their ProFit™ 5 or 6-speed manual overdrive transmission kits. Now through Friday, January 5, American Powertrain is offering a $250 price reduction on the kits and pitching in two pounds of Benton’s Bacon from Madisonville, Tennessee.

With the moniker “The Best Bacon on Earth,” American Powertrain’s annual BaconShift promotion has become a huge hit. Now in its fifth year and always near the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the #Baconshift promotion is one of the company’s most successful promotions for the year.

Graves says, “If you have been thinking of buying a ProFit 5- or 6-speed manual transmission, now’s the time. We are selling at the lowest price for the year. We can help you Save the Stick and have a delicious breakfast all at the same time.”

To take advantage of the ProFit Transmission Kit sale and the BaconShift promotion, orders can only be made by calling American Powertrain direct at 931.646-4836.

World-renowned chefs use Benton’s Bacon and Country Hams, and the bacon has been featured on the PBS show Mind of a Chef, in Garden & Gun magazine, as well as other major food programs and publications as it is largely considered the best bacon and country ham in the world.

American Powertrain’s Marketing and Sales Manager, Matt Graves, says, “Everyone loves this promotion and asks about it frequently. It garners a lot of attention online. This is a win-win opportunity for anyone that has a 5- or 6-speed overdrive transmission kit on their wish list.”

For more information about American Powertrain’s BaconShift promotion, visit americanpowertrain.com. To speak with one of American Powertrain’s highly qualified sales technicians, call 931-646-4836, or to request an online quote, go HERE.

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Chris Holley

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