Auto Metal Direct Announces Bevy of New B-Body Parts & Panels

Auto Metal Direct is one of the leading metal panel suppliers for our classic mopars. Being authorized authentic restoration pieces, AMD has recently added four new products to their Mopar B-body Authentic Restoration line. Like all AMD steel body components, these new additions are made to OE specs or better and arrive EDP-coated to prevent rust and corrosion before installation.

Rear seat V-braces play a crucial role in reinforcing the rear section of your vehicle and contribute to the handling of your car. For 1968 to 1970 B-body Mopars AMD has released much needed Rear Seat V-Braces. These braces are made from 20ga steel and come in pairs. AMD rear seat V-braces are part number 639-1468-2P.

If your 1968 to 1970 B-body has been struck in the side or has rusted through its Inner Quarter structures (shown at top of article). Then you’re in luck, both right and left inner quarter structures are now available from AMD. These inner structures are a crucial element for the structure and fitment of the quarter panels, doors, and roof of the car, and can now be replaced with brand-new reproductions. These are sold individually with part numbers: 714-1468-1L for the driver’s side, and 714-1468-1R  for the passenger.

Another long overdue part of the 1968 to 1970 B-body parts lineup is the Steering Column Support Mount which is now available from AMD. This steering column support is part number 458-1468-4

For our less appreciated early B-body’s from 1962-1965, AMD has released the Battery Hold Down Clamp. When doing a proper restoration, all little details matter including the battery hold down. This also allows the battery to be securely mounted within the car. AMD’s part number is 341-1462-1.

For more information about the new Mopar B-body replacement panels available from AMD visit To speak with one of Auto Metal Direct’s sales technicians, call 833-404-4777.

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Darryl Smith

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