Mancini Racing’s Got Everything You Need to Rebuild Your A833 4-speed

When your A833 4-speed transmission needs a rebuild or a freshen-up, Mancini Racing has you covered with their new line of A833 rebuild kits and synchronizer rings. Mancini has added kits for 1966-1969 transmissions, 1970 and up, and a Brewers Performance 70-74 E-body, 71-74 B-body, and late 69 B-body Big Block transmissions.

These kits include all bearings, seals, and gaskets for a full A833 rebuild including main bearings, tail shaft bushing, countershaft rollers/spacers/thrust washers, input rollers, snap rings, and all appropriate gaskets & seals, including speedometer adapter O-ring and seal.

The paper gasket supplied in this kit is manufactured exclusively for Brewer’s Performance with a high-performance matrix material, providing excellent flexibility, low flange pressure sealing, good bolt torque retention, and reduced fluid wicking. These paper gaskets are rated for a continuous 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part is, the special matrix material does not require the use of any additional sealants, meaning no more silicone mess!

For more information about the new A833 rebuild kits and synchronizer rings available from Mancini Racing visit To speak with one of Mancini Racing’s sales technicians, call 1-800-843-2821.

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