Baer Remaster Master Cylinders Available at Year One

Recently, Year One introduced a full line of Baer Remaster master cylinders for the Mopar a-, b-, and e-body model lines. The Remaster master cylinder directly replaces the four-bolt factory master cylinders and comes with various designs to meet the owner’s needs.

When swapping from a drum/drum (front/rear) to a factory disc/drum or an aftermarket disc/drum or disc/disc setup, the vehicle requires an upgraded master cylinder. The new master cylinder must provide the additional volume of brake fluid to the larger and often multiple caliper piston bores. The 6061 T6 billet aluminum Remaster master cylinders come with dual reservoirs. Each reservoir capacity is 7oz, but Baer recommends filling the reservoirs to 5.25oz or 75% of the total capacity.

Above Left: The Baer Remaster is available in gray, polished, or black finishes. Above Right: The Remaster has left- or right-side outlet port provisions to allow easy custom installations.

However, volume is not the only consideration. The Remaster master cylinder bores are available in sizes ranging from 15/16-inch to 1 1/8-inch to generate the proper system pressure. Decreasing the master cylinder bore size will reduce the pedal effort required and increase the pedal travel. On the other hand, when all other components remain the same, a large-bore size will increase the pedal effort and decrease the pedal travel. Contact the Year One or Baer representatives for more information about the bore size required for your application.

Above Left: The Baer Remaster is a small, compact master cylinder that fits the tight confines of an engine bay with a Hemi swap. Above Right: Baer designed the Remaster to fit Mopars with a four-bolt flange.

Additional features of the Baer Remaster master cylinder are its compact size, lightweight design, and it has left- or right-side outlet ports, which fit either inverted flare or banjo style, straight fittings. In addition, each master cylinder fits the 4-bolt mounting flange to replace the single- or dual-reservoir master cylinders of our vintage Mopars. To seal the master cylinder, Baer includes a billet top attached to the housing, and a pair of knurled screw-on caps allow for easy filling of the master cylinder.

Above: For additional flexibility, a Baer adjustable proportioning valve is available for the Remaster master cylinder. 

The Remaster is well-matched with most manual or power booster brake applications. The pedal ratio must be considered when converting from manual to power brakes or vice versa. The pedal ratio should be reviewed when selecting the previously mentioned master cylinder bore size. The last option when purchasing a Baer Remaster master cylinder is the finish. It is available in gray, black, or polished finishes that enhance any engine bay.

You have diligently worked to get your Mopar to the point where it is ready to update a single-piston master cylinder or enhance the brake performance of a modified braking system on a restomod or race vehicle. In that case, the Baer Remaster is the master cylinder necessary for the brake system modernization. For more information about the Remaster, Year One is just a phone call or click away.

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