eBay Find of The Day: Very Rare 1-Of-1 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T Hemi

Picture courtesy of Robin McQueen

It’s not too often a true 1 of 1 Mopar pops up for sale. It’s even more uncommon if that car has the “Elephant” 426 Hemi engine under the hood! Right now on eBay, you can purchase a true unicorn. This particular 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T is well known to Mopar nuts, especially in Canada. Our friend Robin McQueen found the Coronet around late 1991 in Manitoba, Canada when it was still a basket case project.

“Situated behind the garage of a salvage dealer’s parents’ house, this Hemi 1970 Coronet R/T was the only one of its kind sent to Canada. The day I found it, it just so happened that I had with me the Hemi owner’s club’s list of all Hemi-powered cars shipped to Canada. I flopped the list down on the hood and compared the VIN to the list, and there it was! I got in contact with the owner, and he even denied having the car but I knew better. The car was Plum Crazy Purple, black interior, 4 speed, Super Trak Pak, 4:10 Dana, with the Ramcharger hood. It was sold new in Winnipeg, Manitoba.”

A few years after Robin found the car; another Mopar enthusiast scooped it up and restored it. The Coronet was an early car, with an order number of C00424 and a build date of September 3rd, 1969. It was sold new at Century Dodge in Winnipeg, Manitoba in late 1969. It’s one of 14 built for 1970 and the only one shipped to Canada. It came from the factory equipped with the previously mentioned R code 426 Hemi engine, 4-speed manual transmission, FC7 Plum Crazy Purple paint, black deluxe bucket seats, black vinyl top, N96 fresh air hood, M46 quarter mounted simulated air scoops, 26-inch radiator, center console, 4:10 Dana rear end with the Super Track Pak option and front disc brakes to name a few of the options. It still retains all of its original tags, body stampings and build sheet!

Taking into consideration with how rare the car is, the owner used as many NOS parts as possible during the restoration such as the front bumper, right grille, driver side front fender, front valance, front and rear bumper guards, gas tank, driver side chrome mirror, rear tail panel, exhaust tips, rear marker lights, various emblems and even the side scoops! All of the sheet metal that needed to be replaced was done so with original sheet metal; with the exception of the front floor pans. The restoration was done to the highest quality and made to replicate the way the car looked when it rolled off the assembly line so every marking was recreated.

The engine is not the original for the car however it is a date code correct late 1968 block. The 4 speed transmission and Dana rear end are both the original pieces for the car. On the inside, the interior features new Legendary seat covers, carpet and headliner. The steering wheel, gauge cluster, console, pistol grip shifter, floor mats and frost shield on the driver’s window are all original to the car.

At the time of this writing, the Coronet is up to $73,100.00 USD with the reserve not met. We are assuming the reserve is well into the $200,000 USD mark as the car was recently for sale at the Mopar Nationals with a price tag of around $230,000 USD.

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Picture courtesy of Robin McQueen

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