Eureka! 1-of-18 1970 HEMI ‘Cuda Convertible Uncovered


[Editor’s note: Heavy revisions have been made to this copy and new information and corrections have been provided. At the time of this writing, MCACN is expected to release a full statement on this particular car shortly. –Ed.]

BS27R0 might sound like numerical robot talk to some, car enthusiast geek-speak to others, or captivating industry news to a select group of muscle car fanatics. But that alphanumeric code belongs to this 1970 Hemi Plymouth ‘Cuda convertible 4-speed, which recently rocked social media channels when these images were made public.

Images of the chalky TX9 “Black Velvet” convertible Hemi ‘Cuda published by Brad Miles, spurred a whirlwind of internet chatter and set the rumor mills at full speed. Only through a public Facebook post by Apex Autosports in Grafton, WI – the shop where the ‘Cuda is currently being held – were any verifiable details offered to the general, unknowing public.

Per the post, Houston, Texas resident and car collector, Darryl Wischnewsky acquired one of the total 18 Hemi-powered Plymouth ‘Cuda convertibles, where upon purchase, Darryl received not only the original broadcast sheet, but the winder sticker from the day it was purchased!

An unconfirmed image of the car’s fender tags flaunt the holy grail of codes BS27R0 – making the car a US spec, being 1-of-14 BS27R0 to hit the US domestic market in the 1970 model year. Breaking down BS27R0 code: B (Car Line) = Barracuda, S (Price Class)  = Special (‘Cuda), 27 (Body) = Convertible, R (engine) = 426 Hemi, 0 (model year) = 1970.

Additional features listed on the fender tag include such add-ons as the TX9 paint, J45 hood pins, A22 elastomeric body colored bumpers, L31 Fender Mounted Turn Indicators, P31 Power Windows, R22 8-Track equipped radio, and D21 4-speed manual transmission. Texas vehicle showcase “KK HEMI”, which is thought to be a moniker for King Kong Hemi.

It’s important to note that this is not a newly discovered, previously unknown, or unaccounted for car. Rather, hardcore collectors, Mopar historians, and exclusive registries all knew of the car. It was – as many – just a matter of time and money before the ‘Cuda would change hands.

Per  the aforementioed Facebook post published earlier, the ‘Cuda officially changed hands from the original owner to Darryl. After being stowed for over 46 years, Darryl handed it over to Apex Autosports for full documentation and some much needed TLC.

The post states, “While Darryl’s Mopar collection is extensive, this is his first Hemi E-body convertible – and what a car to add! Triple black, 4-speed, two tag, unrestored, all numbers matching, with broadcast sheet, original window sticker and original issued title.”

While not undergoing a restoration – as Darryl wants to keep the car as original as possible – Apex has cleaned it up significantly and has installed a factory-set of Rallyes and Polyglas tires, forgoing the Keystone Klassics and the American Racing TorqueThrusts shown in the previous images.

Apex’s post concludes, “We’re also officially announcing it will be unveiled in it’s original condition at Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals 2022! The ‘Cuda will be on display right up front at the show entry” – which is awesome, and gives all of us an opportunity to ogle this ultimate barn find!

Expect more information to come forth in the coming days and weeks, as those caring for the ‘Cuda begin to share. There’s a lot of attention on this unique Plymouth and for good reason.

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Olivia Crosby

At 12 years old Olivia helped her father restore a 1968 GTX convertible, inciting her incurable addiction to Mopar muscle cars. Today she has amassed a collection of over a dozen classic Dodges and Plymouths; including Barracudas, Tin Grille Dodge Trucks, and her daily driven 1971 GTX tribute.

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