Gallery: Donut Cutter Gathering At Woodward Dream Cruise 2023

Every year the Wednesday before the Woodward Dream Cruise there is a gathering of Mopars at a donut shop called the Donut Cutter. It’s located just south of the epicenter of the cruise route that is usually based around Woodward and 13 Mile Road.

For the Mopar faithful, this is one of the larger gatherings during the week. Roadkill Nights and Mopar Nationals start out the week, and then Woodward Dream Cruise caps it off. This is smack dab in the middle and perfect.

This is a must for attending as we have for years, and the timing always work great. Once the gathering begins to disperse, you go out and cruise Woodward for a bit, or find a place to sit and watch the cars go by.

If you plan to attend with your car, be sure to come early as the parking lot is not the biggest. The Twisted Axle Car Club are responsible for the gathering and stacks the Mopars in there like a cord wood. Arriving a little after 6 pm and the lot was already full including the side streets were full.

The Mopars that show up here are not a bunch of 318 and slant six low key cars.  Just walking up from parking, you could spot a ‘Cuda and Superbird right away. Not to downplay anyones Mopars, but the level of Mopars that are normally found here are pretty high.

The lot was packed with everything including Hemi and Six Pack cars. There were real Hemi cars and tribute Hemi cars along with convertibles, cruisers and drag cars. There was something for everyone if they are even slightly Mopar inclined.

One of our favorites was the 1 of 11 1971 Hemi GTX 4-speed cars that was parked out front. Who would have guessed you would see such a rare car out cruising around and happen to make its way to Donut Cutter gathering.  It was a stunning car and the rarity just added an extra wow factor.

When you plan to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise, because everyone needs to go at least once, make plans to attend the Donut Cutter meet on Wednesday night. With or without a car, you will enjoy some cool Mopars. Wedneday also seems to be a great day for watching cars cruise around after the gathering and not being over crowded.

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Ryan is an automotive journalist from Chicago with a pair of Challengers (a '70 and a '09). Normally, in Ryan's free time (which is a lot), he drives around the country documenting old cars in their unrestored condition - also known as "Barn Finds." But he also writes about any sort of cool cars out there.

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