Gallery: Holley’s 4th Annual 2023 MoParty Draws in Massive Crowd

The Holley MoParty Event 2023 is the ultimate gathering for Mopar enthusiasts, bringing together the best of Mopar vehicles and showcasing the rich legacy of this iconic brand. This highly anticipated event is a celebration of all things Mopar, and it promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for spectators and attendees.

Holley’s MoParty event is held in September each year in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Beach Bend Raceway park. Bowling Green has a rich history of automobiles and Beach Bend Raceway offers the perfect space to host MoParty.

You will find everything from drag racing and autocross challenges to burnout competitions and off-road adventures, the MoParty Event has something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of classic Mopar muscle cars or a Jeep enthusiast looking for some off-road thrills, this event is not to be missed.

One of the main highlights of the MoParty Event is the exhilarating drag racing spectacle. This is where participants can showcase the raw power and speed of their Mopar vehicles on the quarter-mile track. From classic muscle cars to modern-day performance beasts, the drag racing competition brings together a diverse range of vehicles and drivers.

Spectators can expect to witness heart-stopping launches, blistering speeds, and fierce competition as drivers push their machines to the limit in pursuit of victory. At the strip you could find everything from huge cubic in Hemis and Big Block Mopars to small turbo charged 4 cylinders and everything in between.

For those who prefer precision and agility over straight-line speed, the autocross challenge is a must-see event at the MoParty. Participants navigate a challenging course marked by cones, testing their driving skills and the capabilities of their Mopar vehicles.

The focus here is on quick reflexes, sharp turns, and maintaining control at high speeds. The autocross challenge is a thrilling display of skill and precision, where every second counts and the slightest mistake can mean the difference between winning and losing.

It is always fun to see the competition field at the autocross, as some are out for fun and others are out to dominate. There were multiple Gen III Hemi powered cars running the track along with some small block Mopars too.

On the higher end, there were 2 1/2 Vipers that were fully raced prepped running around the course. We say 1/2 a Viper because there was a Challenger with a Hellcat motor sitting on a complete Viper chassis.

We even had our own David Kruk out running around in his yellow 1970 Super Bee. The Super Bee might look fairly stock, but the power plant is a 392 Hemi with an 8-speed transmission with a ton of Holley EFI goodies. He also was putting QA1’s front coil over suspension to work dodging the cones.

The burnout competition at the MoParty Event is a crowd-favorite, offering a spectacle of smoke, noise, and tire-shredding action. Participants rev their engines, spin their wheels, and create massive clouds of smoke as they compete to deliver the most impressive burnout.

This years entries offered a lot of diversity. A couple of the Mopars we thought would do well let us down, but there were some that over delivered. By far the 2 top burnouts came from a General Lee Charger and an AMC Gremlin. The General Lee was a very clean and restored Charger that delivered one heck of a burnout, sliding all over.

The winner of the competition and who probably surprised us the most was a beat up, no windows Gremlin that had tractor pulling headers sticking straight up. You could tell the motorhome 440 was healthy, but not quite as healthy once the throttle was depressed.

The Gremlin did have a small hiccup and had to rig up a throttle cable real quick. With the throttle cable fixed, it filled the park with smoke. They ended up popping both rear tires within the burnout time allotment.

The MoParty Event is not only about high-performance cars; it also celebrates the rugged and adventurous spirit of Jeep enthusiasts. The Jeep 4×4 Experience offers attendees the opportunity to conquer challenging off-road courses and showcase the capabilities of their Jeep vehicles.

From navigating steep inclines and rocky terrain to crossing water obstacles and tackling mud pits, this off-road adventure is a test of both the driver’s skill and the vehicle’s off-road prowess. Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a Jeep enthusiast looking to learn more about the capabilities of your vehicle, the Jeep 4×4 Experience is an exhilarating and educational experience.

This years Jeep 4×4 Experience was larger than years in past and was a great place to see some very cool Jeeps. There was everything from a new 392 Rubicon to old Willys Jeeps. It is really different but very cool Holley is making an effort to include Jeeps and other 4×4 Mopars into MoParty. We can see this segment growing a lot.

The MoParty Event offers a little different challenge than most other events. The Grand Champion competition, which is sponsored by Mopar Connection Magazine and Scoggin Dickey Parts Center, where the best of the best go head-to-head in multiple categories.

This competition brings together the winners from various events, including drag racing, autocross and the 3S Challenge. The title is a test of driver and vehicle through the varies competitions. The Grand Champion title is the ultimate display of agility and power.

In addition to the thrilling competitions, the MoParty Event offers a range of other attractions and highlights. These include car shows featuring some of the most beautifully restored and customized Mopar vehicles, vendor booths offering a wide selection of parts and accessories, live entertainment, and opportunities to meet industry experts and celebrities.

Whether you’re looking to admire classic Mopar muscle cars, shop for the latest performance upgrades, or simply enjoy the festive atmosphere, there’s something for everyone at the MoParty Event.

The Holley MoParty Event 2023 is a must-attend extravaganza for Mopar enthusiasts of all kinds. From the adrenaline-pumping drag racing spectacle to the precision and agility of the autocross challenge, the tire-smoking thrills of the burnout competition, and the off-road adventures of the Jeep 4×4 Experience, this event offers a unique and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Whether you’re a die-hard Mopar fan or simply appreciate the power and performance of these incredible vehicles, the MoParty Event is the ultimate showcase of all things Mopar. Mark your calendars and make sure to be a part of this automotive extravaganza. You won’t want to miss it.

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