Gallery: Plymouth Promotional Electric Super Stock Racing Set and Drag Racing Board Game

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced Jim Ramsey and Joe Schulte in the editorial Ad Agency Guys Behind Muscle Car Era Ads Will be at Carlisle. However, did you know their Plymouth advertising influence extended to advertising other than print media? Recently, we learned about an electric 1/32-scale drag set from Plymouth. The track was called “Shutdown! Plymouth Super Stock Racing Set, and its cover art graphic was straight out of “the Beat Goes On” Plymouth campaign.

Above Left: The Shutdown! Plymouth Super Stock Racing Set came with two 1/32-scale ’69 Plymouths. (Photo Above Right: With the stickers placed on the Plymouths, one is named “Beep, Beep,” and the other is called “The Boss.” Beep, Beep is a Road Runner, and The Boss is a GTX. Both have Sox and Martin logos on them. (Photo Pinterest)

In late 1968, Republic Tool and Manufacturing Co. from Los Angeles, California, manufactured the drag strip set. It included the “Christmas tree” lights, 12-feet of track, power cut-offs (if the car does not meet the proper speed at specific points on the track), and a shutdown area.

Above Left: Plymouth advertised the electric racing set in Life Magazine in November 1968. (Photo John Suder) Above Right: The instruction booklet cover says it all. So now you can have your own dragster and drag strip and play Shutdown. (Photo

Also included with the set were two 1969 Plymouth b-bodies, a Road Runner named “Beep, Beep” and a GTX called “The Boss.” Although neither were painted like the team of Ronnie Sox and Buddy Martin’s (Sox and Martin) original b-bodies, each car’s sticker sheets have multiple references to the team. Each Plymouth is shifted down the track, and the racer who handles the four-speed like Ronnie Sox will accelerate the quickest. Additionally, there is a reverse gear to return the car to the starting line.

Above Left: The electric track set came with track sections, shifters, power supply, the Plymouths, and instructions. The cover art is straight out of “the Beat Goes On” Plymouth advertisement campaign. (Photo Pinterest) Above Center: The instruction booklet included a how-to on operating the drag strip. (Photo Above Right: The sticker sheet improves the appearance of the cars and the track. (Photo

An advertisement in Life Magazine from November 8, 1968, disclosed a list price of $14.95. For that price, the electric racetrack was affordable and fun for the entire family.

If an electric racetrack was not for you, Plymouth also had a drag racing board game, which was equally fun for the whole family. The promotional drag racing game featured six 1968 plastic cars (two Barracudas, two Road Runners, and two GTXs), three sets of action cards, plastic pegs, and an instruction sheet printed on the backside of the game board.

Above Left: Plymouth also had a promotional drag racing board game. It is complete with Sox and Martin photos on the cover and throughout the entire game. Above Center: The Ramsey and Schulte advertisement graphics are found in the game. Above Right: Included in the game is a booklet about what drag racing is. (Photos

On the cover and throughout the game, Sox and Martin and their fleet of Plymouths were prominently featured. Furthermore, Ramsey and Schulte’s ad campaign graphics were in the game, although slightly toned down.

Above: The game came with six Plymouths, the action cards, the spinner, the charts, and the track. (Photo

The electric track and the Sox and Martin board game occasionally pop up on eBay or other online bidding sites. With the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals just around the corner, one may be for sale at the event. Even if there isn’t a track set or a board game for sale, Carlisle Events takes care of its Mopar fans with free takeaways.

Carlisle Events Manager Ed Buczeskie announced on his Facebook page on July 8, 2022, the following:

First is a reprint of Claudia’s Miss DC poster in its original size (3 feet tall). And you can get her to sign it! She’ll be in the Mancini Racing booth on the Midway.

Second is a little booklet of vintage ads and artwork from Chrysler’s “Mad Men,” Jim Ramsey, and Joe Schulte. These will be available at their presentation on Saturday at 1:30 pm on the Stage. After the presentation, they will be available to sign at the Autograph Tent.

It’s going to be an awesome event!

Above Left: If you can’t find a drag game, there are still freebies for entrants to the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. Miss Direct Connection, Claudia will be at the Mancini Racing trailer on the Midway, autographing a 3-foot reprint of her famous 1984 poster. Above Right: Ramsey and Schulte will sign the artwork they developed for Plymouth promotions in the late-1960s. (Photos Ed Buczeski)

Time is getting tight, so get your Mopar ready, pack plenty of supplies, sunscreen, and water, and have a safe trip. You may be lucky enough to find a Plymouth toy from the attic.


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