Gallery: Unboxing Our Super Bee’s QA1 Coil-Over Suspension

Towards the end of the year in 2022, we ordered a QA1 coil-over system for our 1970 Dodge Super Bee. When we started autocrossing we opted for QA1’s torsion bar suspension. It has proven it can take a beating on the autocross and road courses, but we were ready to step up our game and stuck with what we know would work. DELIVERED delivered delivered

QA1 has partnered with Gerst Suspension to bring you a killer coil-over suspension system for A, B, & E-body Mopar’s. These coil-over systems are designed to bolt right into your classic A-, B-, E-body Mopars without any modifications. 

Upon arrival we received 7 boxes that contained all of the parts for the suspension, steering and big brake kit. Like a kid on Christmas morning, we started to tear into each box. After being wowed by all of the fancy parts, we calmed down and started to take inventory.

One of the first boxes were our QA1 double adjustable shocks, QA1 coil springs, bushings, bearings, spacers and the tool needed to adjust them. There are two very tiny screws included, be very careful not to lose them. 

We obviously ordered the handling kit, which included a 1.13-inch black powder coated sway bar. It came with all the necessary hardware, polyurethane bushings and links. 

Due to the type of driving we do, power steering rack was a must. The steering rack is Fox Mustang type design. The kit included the steering shaft support bearing and tie rod extensions. It also came with a solid steel shaft with two u-joints for you to modify to connect your steering column to your rack steering. This gives maximum clearance around headers, starters, and manifolds. 

The rack is a low-pressure rack, so the classic Saginaw style power steering pump would normally be fine. Our problem was that our 6.4 Hemi’s power steering pump’s pressure is too high. Holley and Flaming River both have pumps that have the correct pressure for the rack. QA1 recommends installing an oil cooler for the power steering, so we ordered a Derale cooler. 

The upper and lower control arms do require assembly. The heim joints screw into the arms and allow for a ton of adjustment. We can now dial in exactly how much camber and caster that we want. The arms do come powder coated, are fully welded, and the ball joints are pre-installed.  

The k-member is built well and similar to the torsion bar k-member. The new QA1 coil-over k-member has welded-on brackets for the lower control arms and the coil over shocks bolt to. We choose the the mounts for a Gen III Hemi. They also have options for big block, small block and Gen II Hemi. The engine mounts are attached with polyurethane bushings. 

The front spindles look very similar to the traditional spindle, but it is a Mustang II spindle. This spindles has a modified steering arm and are powder coated black. What’s really cool about these spindles is the brake options are almost endless. For our setup, we went with a 13-inch Wilwood kit with six piston calipers. 

We cannot wait to get started installing all of these QA1 parts. This should really help make an improvement on our Super Bee’s track times for 2023. Stayed tuned for a full installation article soon. 

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David Kruk

David grew up around classic cars, buying his first Mopar when he was 18 and has been addicted since. He currently has a 1970 Super Bee that he drives daily and competes in autocross and road course racing. He loves doing events like Power Tour, Moparty, SCCA, and Motor State Challenge.

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