Indy Cylinder Heads Supercharger Top Plate for Mod-Man Manifold

Indy Cylinder Heads has developed a new supercharger top plate for its versatile Mod-Man intake. The Indy Mod-Man intake manifold can be set up for a single four-barrel, dual four-barrel, six-barrel, and with the supercharger top plate, it can accommodate a 250 blower. As a result, the Mod-Man provides a clean appearance to any engine, and it is an excellent platform for the blower.

Above Left: Indy Cylinder Heads versatile Mod-Man intake manifold has an all-new top plate designed to accommodate the 250 blower (in the background). Above Right: There are several Mod-Man intake manifold designs, which fit Mopar small blocks, big blocks, Hemis (Gen II and Gen III), and even AMC V8s.

The 250 blower makes a minimal boost, in the range of 5 to 7 PSIg, which translates to 150 to 300 additional horsepower, depending upon the bracket (competition) engine and tuning. If the engine has quality forged internals, simply bolting on the manifold and supercharger will significantly improve the engine’s performance without the need to alter the compression ratio or swap the camshaft. Just a little tuning should be necessary for a happy engine.

The fuel recommended for the blower engine is alcohol, but race gasoline will suffice. Selecting a carburetor for the application depends upon the engine’s displacement and intended use. Indy can provide suggestions for the best fit.

Above Left: The 250 supercharger fits perfectly onto the Mod-Man top plate. Above Right: The lower cogged blower pulley attaches to the crankshaft via the pulley and harmonic balancer assembly. 

Indy Cylinder Heads has Mod-Man intakes for Mopar small blocks (LA, Magnum, and W2) and big blocks (400 or 440) with standard port or max wedge cylinder head port sizes. In addition, there are Mod-Man intakes for the Gen II (426) and Gen III (5.7-, 6.1-, and 6.4-liter) Hemis. Lastly, Indy has not forgotten the AMC crowd. There is a Mod-Man intake that fits several AMC V8 engines. For information about the Mod-Man intakes, contact Indy Cylinder Heads.

Above: Indy is finishing up a big-block build with the Mod-Man intake manifold, top plate, and 250 supercharger. When the engine is dynoed, Mopar Connection Magazine will bring you the results.

Rumor has it there is a 588-cubed race wedge engine sporting Indy 572-13 heads and a 250 blower being assembled at Indy Cylinder Heads. When the engine is completed and dyno-tested, Mopar Connection Magazine will have the build information and the results. In the meantime, check out Indy for updated pricing on its intake manifolds, engine assembly kits, and complete engines.


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