INDY Cylinder Heads Unveils New Cast Iron Small Block Chrysler LA Heads

We’ll admit that we don’t give you small block guys enough attention on Mopar Connection Magazine. While we’re building up big block 440s and Hemis there’s a lot of you wondering where all the LA love is at. Thankfully, INDY Cylinder Head has been keeping you close at heart and just teased the very first batch of its new cast iron LA heads.

Intended as a “great 2.02 x 1.60 stock replacement head,” as INDY’s President Chris Wheatcraft posts, these would be comparable to the open chambered X-head made famous on the 340 engines from 1968-to-1970. As mentioned the factory X-head had 2.02″ intake valves and 1.60″ exhaust valves – identical to the replacement INDY heads. But that’s about where the similarities end:

The factory X-head touted a 160cc intake port and a 70cc exhaust port. INDY’s replacement comes in at 166cc intake and 59cc exhaust [yes, that’s a smaller exhaust port size than stock. If you’re confused, so are we. But these are the numbers INDY posted (see post below) and we’re going off of the cylinder head chart published at A-Bodies Only linked here. –Ed.]

Yes, both stock LA heads and INDYs have open combustion chambers, but differ from Mopar’s 68cc to INDY’s 74cc. And hardened seats these promise to be street-friendly replacements. INDY’s heads come with chromoly steel retainers with 10 degree locks and valve springs good to hold up to .525″ hydraulic cam. These have plenty of room to be opened up if you’re feeling so inclined.

Here’s the original Facebook post stated:

Brand New Cast Iron Small Block Chrysler LA Heads! We will have some ready to sell at Indy Cylinder Head CHRYSLER PERFORMANCE TRADE SHOW at Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center this week March 1st & 2nd. 5 sets already sold. Call the shop to reserve a set and for pricing! 937-708-8563

Head Specs:

  • Small Block Open Chamber LA Heads
  • Casting: 4772575
  • 3/8″ Stainless Steel Valves 2.02″ x 1.60″
  • Hard Exhaust seats
  • Open Chamber 74cc
  • Intake Volume 166cc
  • Exhaust Volume 59cc
  • Chromoly Steel Retainer 10 degree locks
  • Umbrella Seals
  • Valve Springs good for up to .525″ Hydraulic

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