Lifting GEN III HEMIs Just Became Easier With Reilly Motorsports

For years the 4 bbl engine lift plate has been a critical part of our tool inventory. Pulling motors to install a bigger one or maybe to rebuild, the 4 bbl engine lift plate has help us through many late nights. But now  with popularity of Gen III HEMIs and no more carburetors, pulling them out has been difficult, until now.

Reilly Motorsports have had their fair share of 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 HEMIs in and of customers cars. The guys at Reilly Motorsports (RMS) were tired of trying to keep motors balanced, scratching paint and scraping accessories due to not having a secure way handling these motors. They decided to create their own Gen III HEMI lift bracket to make life easier.

The Gen III HEMI lift bracket  is designed to keep your engine balanced and secure as you remove or install it. There are multiple holes for proper balancing for different Gen III HEMI motors and with or without the transmission.

Its no surprise that the lift bracket is not only functional but also looks great too.  The lazer cut steel and beautiful in house welding looks like it belongs in an art gallery. To top it off it comes powder coated in black. If you happen to want a different color RMS would be glad to discuss that with you.

To use the lift bracket the intake will need to be removed. Now we understand that might sound like an inconvenience but that 4 bbl engine lift plate also requires the carburetor to be removed, so its no different. It securely bolts to the top of the engine block and the from of the water pump for strength. You can move the clevis to different holes to find the right balance for your motor combination. All the proper hardware to attach the bracket to the engine is also included.

If you or someone you know are looking to do some motor swapping or maybe just add some HP to their modern Mopar, this is necessary. Just like the 4 bbl engine plate laying in your tool box, now you need the Gen III HEMI lift bracket from RMS. Don’t hesitate and call them today to get yours!

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Gavin Wollenburg

Gavin grew up around Mopars in his lakeside home in Ohio, his father showing him nearly everything he needed to know about haulin' some serious rear in his '72 Dart Swinger. Since then, he's made his little A-Body a serious autocross contender and regularly shows the modern boys how an old Dart does it!

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