Proform Parts’ New Chrysler Cam Checker Tool

Engine blueprinting is becoming more and more commonplace as horsepower and torque meet at the crossroads of high-tech and hot-rodding. Proform Parts wants to make sure their customers, shade-tree or professional, have the right tools to keep up in the shop and on the street.

One of their latest precision pieces is the Chrysler cam checker tool. Designed to fit Chrysler LA small blocks, B/RB big blocks, and the 426 Hemi, this nifty gadget will give you a way to exactly measure every aspect of your camshaft. Hydraulic flat tappet and roller tappet followers are both included, along with a 0-1.000” dial indicator that is accurate to 0.001”.

Check lobe lift, base circle runout, and other lobe profile attributes by simply sliding this into the lifter bore, spinning the cam, and reading the dial indicator. Heavy duty O-rings keep it in place and centered within the lifter bore. Throw one of their degree wheels in the cart too so you measure ramp rates, nose duration, and more.

It could be a huge help if you’re tearing down a previously-built engine and want to make sure the camshaft is the proper spec for the rest of the build. You could also compare each lobe’s lift to the others to make sure you don’t have one wearing flat. Just jot down the measurements and call your camshaft supplier fully informed rather than playing guess-a-cam.

Visit Proform Parts or call (586) 774-2500 for more information. Their 2019 catalog is chock full of Chrysler-specific parts and available to order or download now.

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