Video: Trunk Floor Tips From AMD And Classic Muscle Metal

It’s easy enough to scroll through the Auto Metal Direct (AMD) catalog, fill out an order, and unpack a box of freshly stamped steel. But then what? The new iron’s arrival is just the beginning. Someone still has to cut out the old, rusted panels and correctly install new pieces. Whether that someone is you or not, Classic Muscle Metal (CMM) and the AMD Installation Center are here to help.

If cutoff wheels and wire welders aren’t your cup of tea, CMM can provide the AMD steel for the Installation Center to install. The transaction is easy enough; after all, they do share a building. On the other hand, if you’re willing to wage war against years of corrosion and neglect, it’s nice to have someone knowledgeable on sheet metal installation to provide a hint or two.

In an effort to help the DIY’ers, CMM and the AMD Installation Center offer a series of tech tip videos for a variety of AMD applications. Recently, Craig Hopkins went over a trunk floor installation on a 1969 Dart. Of course, one thing that stands out is that all AMD products are precisely engineered to provide a factory fit. For example, Craig explains, “AMD went the extra mile with their trunk floors and added the factory alignment holes. A lot of trunk floors don’t have this hole.”

Most of all, don’t be afraid to dive right in while knowing that CMM and the AMD Installation Center are just a phone call away. Craig sums it up by saying, “Installing a trunk floor isn’t that difficult. The tech tips are merely to help you. Plan your project, get yourself organized, and obey the rules.”

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Kent Will

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