Proform Releases New Electric Piston Ring Filer

Proform Releases New Electric Piston Ring FilerThere are all kinds of tips and tricks to help you gain just a few more horses under the hood of your Mopar and easily outrun the local 5.0 Brand-X. Did you know that the difference between first and last could be in your piston ring gap? Proform Parts knows.

“Minimizing piston ring end gap results in a notable power increase to an engine. […] Pre-gapped aftermarket piston rings, sized for nominal bore size, usually offer too much end gap clearance for a serious enthusiast’s performance engine. Thus, the need to customize gaps to exact specifications,” they explained in a recent press release.

Proform also knows that not every shade-tree mechanic can afford a fancy $700 filer, so they recently released their own affordable motor-driven model. Coming in at under $200, this basic filer fills the void between hand-crank and full-fledged, dial-indicated professional model (both of which Proform also offers). Turn it on, line the ring up against the dowel pins, press firmly and evenly on both sides of the ring, then measure your gap. It’s a simple process that is often skipped in low-budget builds, but can add up to meaningful gains.

Two different voltages are available: one that comes with a 110V adapter (part # 66758) for the Americas and Canada and one with a 220V adapter (part # 66759) for our brethren overseas. Replacement grinding wheels (part # 66786) and spare adapters can be purchased separately. Filers are in stock and ready to ship, so visit Proform Parts or call (586) 774-2500.

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