RideTech Releases New Adjustable Coilover & Air Suspension Charger, Challenger, Magnum & 300C

One of the biggest names in coilover and air ride suspension technology – RideTech – has just jumped into the fray announcing offerings for all modern LX and LD Mopars. Whether it’s a 2005-2023 Dodge Charger, Challenger, Magnum or Chrysler 300, RideTech now offers superior solutions to your ride’s ride [all except AWD drive models and those with factory-equipped electronic shock systems. If so, you’ve gotta use an electronic shock delete harness. -Ed.].

If you’re looking at radically stepping up your standard V6 or R/T, these are going to be the quickest way tighten up your cornering and improve your ride feel. Firmer suspension can help a big car feel half of its size as you whip it around the corner or the cones. And if you’ve been looking to drop your Mopar between 1-3 inches, RideTech’s airbag suspension is going give you reliable, durable performance all year long. See the two images below for details:

Here’s the original press release:
Ridetech is pleased to announce their adjustable coilover and air suspension systems are now available for the Dodge Charger, Challlenger, Magnum and Chrysler 300C. Both coilover and air suspension systems are worthy upgrades for the popular, long-running platform.

These systems provide an aggressive yet functional muscle car stance. A first for Ridetech, both coilover and air systems now feature a rubber isolated spherical bearing design that minimizes NVH noises commonly associated with performance oriented suspension systems.

This additional compliance strikes a happy medium for those who want all the performance benefits of an adjustable suspension without sacrificing ride quality or comfort. As such, they are equally at home applying Gen III Hemi power to the pavement at the drag strip, autocross, track day, or a spirited drive carving corners on canyon roads.

Both coilover and air systems are sporting a fresh new look, featuring black and gray anodized finishes that pair nicely with the rest of the hardware. Fine-tuning of suspension responsiveness is accomplished via the 24-position rebound adjustable HQ series coilovers with Fox Factory valving and internals.

While these two systems are the first to release for these applications, Ridetech’s triple-adjustable TQ-series coilovers for dedicated track builds are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Fitment: 2005-2023 Chrysler LX/LD platform vehicles, including Charger, Challenger, 300C & ’05-’08 Magnum.**

Notes: **Does not fit AWD models. Cars equipped with factory electronic shock systems must utilize an electronic shock delete harness. See NPI or product page for details.

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