Shifty Business: Installing a Mr. Norm’s Shifter in a 2015 Challenger


Since the advent of the automobile, changes are what makes new cars so exciting and the new 2015 Challenger is no exception. With its fresh take on the classic 1971 E-Body as the basis for the exterior, this latest incarnation of the Challenger retains the classic muscle car heritage that has made this vehicle so endearing to enthusiasts of all ages, while at the same time remaining a real standout from the crowd. These visual upgrades, in conjunction with several new models, including the widely heralded Hellcat, have put the Challenger front and center on everyone’s radar screen.

But the interior is where the really big changes can be seen, regardless of the model, because it has been the recipient of a complete makeover. A quantum leap over the 2008 – 2014 cars, the 2015 Challenger has an upscale interior with materials and attention to detail that rivals many significantly higher priced vehicles. In particular, the 2015 Challenger features a cockpit-like environment for the driver that thoroughly enhances the driving experience. And like the rest of the interior, the design of the console is dramatic departure in appearance and construction from the previous model.

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT / R/T Plus (shown in Pearl/Black) with

New 2015 Challenger console and six speed shifter

Above left: Gently lift metal trimmed console top with your fingers. The clips that attach the top to the console release very easily. Above center: Once all of the clips are released the entire console top is nearly ready to be removed. Above right: If you would like to remove the console top to make the installation easier, the next step is to release the harness clip at the front of the console. Pushing in on the lever as shown in the photo will release the clip.

With that said, changing the shifter in a six speed equipped Challenger is somewhat different than in past years. While building the new Mr. Norm’s Hall of Fame Edition in preparation for its debut at the SEMA SHOW, we had the opportunity to get some hands on experience with the 2015 Challenger. Changing the stock shifter to the popular Mr. Norm’s Pistol Grip or the new Classic Chrome Shifter is a quick and easy way to personalize the new Challenger. Both the Pistol Grip and the Classic Chrome Shifters install nearly the same way, making the swap extremely easy.

Follow along with us as we change from the stock shifter to a custom Mr. Norm’s unit. Not only do they pay homage to the original shifters from the golden age of the muscle car, but they will enhance the shifting experience every time you grab some gears on the street or the strip.


Lift up the console top and invert the leather boot to reveal the two 13MM bolts that retain the stock shifter to the transmission

Above left: With the bolts removed, gently pull the tension ring on the top of the boot away from the shifter arm and pull up. Above center: The bolt that holds the shifter together will be the first thing that comes through the boot. Above right: Gently pull shifter completely out of boot.

Above left: Slide the attachment base of the Mr. Norm’s Shifter through the boot. Above right: Carefully continue to push the shifter arm through the opening in the boot. The tension ring may need to be spread slightly to push the shifter arm through.

Above left: The transmission before bolting on the Mr. Norm’s Shifter Arm. Above center: Slip the new shifter arm onto the transmission and hand thread the two 13MM bolts through the shifter arm into the transmission. Above right: Tighten the two 13MM bolts with a wrench.

Above left: Mr. Norm’s Classic Chrome Shifter Installed. Above right: Mr. Norm’s Pistol Grip Shifter Installed


“Shifty Business: Installing a Mr. Norms Shifter in a 2015 Challenger” was written by Marv Herbert with photos by Larry Weiner and Chrysler Communications, and was first published in Pentastar Power in November 2014, and can be read HERE.

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Larry Weiner

Larry Weiner is the Editor of Pentastar Power magazine, and has worked with Mopar Hall of Fame inductee, Norm Kraus (aka Mr. Norm), the founder of Grand Spaulding Dodge, for nearly 25 years and spearheads the Mr. Norm’s limited edition vehicle and parts program. Larry owns several vintage Mopars, including a one of a kind A-12 inspired 1968 Plymouth B-Body wagon powered by a 440 Six-Pack, and a low mile survivor 1967 Chrysler Town & Country.

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