TCI Automotive Triple Disc, Bolt-Together 8HP70 Torque Converter

TCI Automotive has engineered an all-new torque converter for the Mopar 8HP70 8-speed automatic transmission. Like most quality torque converters, the TCI converter is a CNC-billet construction, which adds strength and reduces ballooning concerns compared to stamped steel converters. The impeller and the turbine are furnace brazed, and the turbine fins are tig-brazed all to increase the durability of the torque converter.

Above: The TCI Automotive 8HP70 Torque Converter provides self-service and adjustability to match the converter to owner upgrades performed on the Hemi. 

Unlike other converters, the TCI 8HP70 converter has a triple-disc, lock-up clutch constructed with carbon friction material that can withstand substantially greater than stock engine torque output. Furthermore, the clutch is designed to handle more than 1,000 horsepower and the abuse of unceasing lock up and release cycles. Additionally, the exterior of the converter has a Heat Dissipating Technology (HDT) coating, which represents the latest in thermal coating technology for increased corrosion resistance and excellent heat rejection.

The bolt-together construction is an advantage that separates the TCI converter from factory and aftermarket torque converters. For example, the billet front cover is removable to access the triple-disc, lock-up clutch, stator, turbine, and bearings instead of returning the converter for service. Also, the unique self-service design permits easy disassembly, adjustment, and reassembly that can be performed by a service technician or a talented do-it-yourselfer. Best of all, there is no need to cut the converter open and weld it back together after service.

Above: The converter separates into multiple pieces. While servicing the converter, it can be updated with an increased stall speed. 

An owner can purchase the TCI 8HP70 converter with one of three stall-speed ratings. The lowest stall speed is 2,600-2,800 RPM (part no. 147000). The next stall speed is 3,000-3,200 RPM (part no. 147001). Lastly, the highest stall speed is 3,700-3,900 RPM (part no. 147002). With the options listed, a converter can be purchased that matches your current engine combination, while the flexibility of the converter allows it to be updated to meet the needs of future performance upgrades.

TCI tested a 3800 RPM stall torque converter in a 2016 Charger equipped with a 5.7-liter Hemi and a COMP Cams Stage 3 HRT camshaft. With a 3.09:1 limited-slip differential, engine and transmission tuning with an aftermarket tuner, and a 6800 RPM shift point, the combination was able to drop the 0-60 mph time in the two-ton Mopar by a full second. Even better, the 1/8-mile elapsed times dropped by 0.7 seconds, and the ¼-mile times dropped by more than one second.

Above: The TCI converter is treated with a Heat Dissipating Technology (HDT) coating, increasing corrosion resistance and providing excellent heat rejection.

If you are adding a new cam to your Hemi, a self-service TCI converter will allow for the fine-tuning necessary to dial in the maximum performance of your Mopar. The Triple-Disc, Bolt-Together converters should be available by the second quarter of 2022, so make your plans to pick one for your ride. As always, the TCI reps are available to answer your questions and provide you with the best advice about any of TCI’s products.

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