Don’t Blow a Gasket, Get Redline SuperCool Concentrate with WaterWetter

Nothing is worse or embarrassing, then having cooling problems while out on a cruise night, vacation trip, or in stopped traffic.  Well Red Line is here with a new product, that helps keep your ride cooler, and protects your cooling system from corrosion.  Just poor it directly in your cooling system with diluted water – distilled water and see the results. You can get this product at Summit Racing HERE.

Since 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil began creating lubricants for the racing industry. Today, they manufacture more than 100 quality products, including motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and our popular WaterWetter cooling additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial markets.

Don’t blow a head gasket because your engine coolant wasn’t up to the task. Spend a few extra bucks and get Redline SuperCool Concentrate with Water Wetter.

The synthetic formula can be mixed with new or used antifreeze and provides superior heat transfer that can drop the temperature in your cooling system by a whopping 20 degrees F!

SuperCool Concentrate also protects your water pump and cooling system from cavitation, corrosion, and erosion. Additional features include:

  • Compatible with gasoline and diesel engines
    • For use in cars, SUVs, UTVs, motorcycles, minivans, and light- or medium-duty trucks
    • Five year/150,000-mile protection
    • Safe for cast iron, aluminum, and brass
    • Must be diluted with water—distilled water highly recommended

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David Kruk

David grew up around classic cars, buying his first Mopar when he was 18 and has been addicted since. He currently has a 1970 Super Bee that he drives daily and competes in autocross and road course racing. He loves doing events like Power Tour, Moparty, SCCA, and Motor State Challenge.

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