Video: Classic Muscle Metal Rebuilds Graveyard Carz 1971 Plymouth “Phantom ‘Cuda”

If you’ve heard of the TV show Graveyard Carz, then we’re sure you’ve heard of their famous “Phantom ‘Cuda.” If you haven’t heard of the car, the Phantom ‘Cuda is a very rare and desirable 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda powered by a 440-6 Barrel 4-speed. This is the car that originally started the TV show that has now taken off and is watched all over the world. The crew from the show used the car as a promotional item years ago, burying the ‘Cuda in dirt and then using their big block Mopar powered Herse to drag it out of its “tomb.”

Story goes this car was totaled in a street racing accident back in July 1981 and left for dead. After sitting for over 25 years, the carcass was purchased for $50,000 with the intent of restoring it. The ‘Cuda was brought to Graveyard Carz for the resurrection but was put on the back burner for many years as the shop got busy and took on other projects. Many said the ‘Cuda wasn’t fixable and was too far gone however the entire time, the guys there stated it was restorable and would bring it back from the dead; saving as much of the original twisted metal as possible.

Eventually plans changed and it was decided the ‘Cuda would go to the very talented team at the AMD (Auto Metal Direct) Installation Center; Classic Muscle Metal in Cleveland, Georgia. Bill Crabtree and the guys there rebuilt almost the entire body from ground up using all brand new AMD parts. If you are looking to bring your car to the best to get all of the rusty metal replaced, they are the absolute go-to company! Even if you are just looking for AMD sheet metal, give them a call; they’ll do whatever it takes to get your business and make sure you leave very happy!


Once all the metal work was complete and everything was made sure to be at factory specifications, the car was then returned to Graveyard Carz to be painted and re-assembled. The results are breathtaking!

Graveyard Carz '71 Phantom 'Cuda

This '71 Phantom 'Cuda underwent one of the most incredible restorations we've ever seen.

Posted by MotorTrend TV on Saturday, June 24, 2017

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