Gallery: Carcass Of V-Code 1970 Plymouth Superbird Dragged To Carlisle Show

These days, companies like CMM (Classic Muscle Metal) give Mopar enthusiasts almost everything needed to bring pretty much any Mopar muscle car back from the dead; regardless of condition. However, there is the odd one that pops up from time to time that realistically just doesn’t seem fixable. Case in point; a 1970 Plymouth Superbird that showed up at the Carlisle show earlier this month. The carcass of this Superbird was pretty badly rusted, damaged and picked over. Combine that with the fact all of the tags and body stampings were missing and you have one sad and probably un-fixable Bird.

As it turns out, this particular Superbird is known pretty well in the Winged Warriors community. Ask those guys about any Daytona, Superbird or Charger 500 and chances are they’ll know it. According to them, this Superbird was sold brand new at E. Wagner Motors in Johnstown, P.A wearing Tor Red paint and was powered by a 440-6 BBL and console mounted 4-speed. One rare ‘Bird indeed. The car was totaled in a rollover back in 1972 and sent to a junkyard. When it arrived at the junkyard, it had some parts pillaged before being placed on top of an old wagon where it sat until last year. One guy has had the fender scoops and console from the car in his possession since 1982 as well as has a couple other parts on his Superbird.

He told Mopar Connection the VIN tag, fender tag and various body stampings were removed by the owner of the junkyard, a personal friend of his. He says the tags and stampings are probably somewhere in the guy’s barn however he passed away at the age of 75 about 12 years ago. The junkyard used to once house over 100 cars, mostly Mopars. Since his passing, half of them have been crushed and the remaining ones are soon to be. We’d be very curious to see if the tags are still sitting in that barn. With any luck, maybe they’d be reunited with the car; then there would be some hope in a restoration. We sincerely hope if they do exist, they don’t end up on a base Satellite or another body like that.

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Picture by John G's Mopar Page on Facebook

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