Video: Fast & Furious 8 Promises to Turn Dom’s Charger Into Jet-Powered Wreck


When a film franchise produces over $1 billion worldwide, you can bet that no film executive is going to let that iron cool. Although the ridiculously lucrative “Furious 7” ended with an appropriate farewell to series star Paul Walker who died unexpectedly a few years earlier, the “Fast & Furious” fan community still clamored for more from their favorite characters. Universal answered with an immersive “Fast & Furious” 3D experience ride at its amusement parks, but that just isn’t enough, right? That’s why series frontman Vin Diesel recently confirmed that Fast & Furious 8 is happening.

Expected for a April 14, 2017 release, “Fast 8” (as it is being called) will be directed by F. Gary Gray, who directed “Straight Outta Compton” for Universal last year, and the underrated “The Italian Job” remake a few years earlier. Besides Diesel, F&F regulars Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jordana Brewster (who played Walker’s love interest and wife in the series) are confirmed to return, as well as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But for the car enthusiasts who enjoy these guilty pleasure films, it’s the cars that pique our interests. While we’re guaranteed that Dodge will stuff the film with as many Gen III Hemi Chargers, Challengers and Rams as possible (expect quite a few Hellcats), it’s Dom’s iconic Charger that has us worried.


In the last film, a heavily bastardized ’70 Charger was little more than a reskinned trophy truck that lasted all but a scant two or three minutes before being wholly destroyed. For “Fast 8” a sequence has been filmed where Dom and gang race across the frozen wastelands of Iceland, with Dom piloting (*sigh*) a heavily armored, bulletproof, flared, louvered and gilled ’70 Charger replete with a cowl hood and weirdly, ’68 round taillights. Oh yeah, and it’s jet-powered. A pair of faux helicopter turbines have been dropped in the Charger’s trunk because, y’know, Hollywood.

Thanks to the kind folks at Jadatoys who posted on their Instagram account some better images of the Charger sporting the jet turbines.

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