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If you love driving your Mopar, but nighttime lighting leaves you in the dark, Holley’s all-new RetroBright light-emitting diode (LED) headlamps are for you. The plug-and-play headlights come in round (5 ¾- and 7-inch) or rectangle (4×6- and 5×7-inch) shapes for that period-correct look. In addition, there are three color options, the Classic White (3000K bulb) for a traditional warm tint, Modern White (5700K bulb) for a more contemporary look, or a Yellow Lens that bestows a European panache (utilizes 5700K bulb), to complete the retro theme.

Above Left: Holley recently introduced the RetroBright series of LED headlamps that fit most of our classic Mopars. Above Right: The RetroBright headlights consist of a housing and a serviceable cartridge LED. The assembly fits into the factory headlight buckets without any need for modification. 

Regardless of the headlight design, the Holley RetroBright lights provide the classic sealed beam look while exceeding the performance of halogen lights. The service life of the LEDs is six times that of a conventional halogen. The LED amperage draw is significantly lower than non-LED lights, and due to the increased output power, the LEDs provide two times greater nighttime brilliance compared to halogen lights.

Above: The RetroBright headlights come in a 5700K modern bright, 3000K classic illumination, or 5700K with a European yellow tint. 

With input from Morimoto, a world leader in vehicle lighting, Holley designed the lights to fit shallow headlamp buckets. The LED cartridge of the RetroBright fits into a sealed beam housing with a UV-treated polycarbonate lens, which is nearly ten times stronger than other headlight lenses. Additionally, the LED cartridge is replaceable and can be serviced with hand tools. To maintain the LED peak intensity under all conditions, Holley employs a unique pulse width modulation (PWM) driver circuit, which is placed inside the cartridge.

Above: The Holley RetroBright headlight (left) has the classic look of a sealed beam (right) but with a longer bulb life, increased illumination output, and reduced amperage draw. 

The RetroBright LEDs have a no-glare beam pattern, meeting or exceeding all Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. In addition, the LEDs are compatible with any sealed beam that meets the H5001 or H5006 standards.

To install the RetroBright headlights into a vehicle without an H4 headlight socket, Holley has an H4 non-standard plug/pin-out swap kit (sold separately). The H4 plug kit continues the plug-and-play installation idea. It eliminates any need to cut or modify the factory wiring, and if the factory H4 headlight socket is brittle or damaged, the plug kit can be used as a replacement. Additionally, if the Mopar has a four-headlight arrangement, Holley has an H4 Quad low/high splitter to connect the lights without any vehicle wiring modification.

Above Left: The LED comes with an H4 standard pinout configuration. Above Center: To ensure the factory wiring will not need to be cut or modified, Holley has an H4 plug kit (at additional cost) to adapt the RetroBright headlight to the OEM wiring harness. Above Right: Holley has an H4 kit for quad headlamp vehicles to control the low- and high-beam bulbs. Again, the quad headlamp kit does not require cutting or modifying the factory wiring. 

Nighttime driving of your classic Mopar will step into the 21st century with Holley’s RetroBright LED headlights. Click over to the Holley RetroBright website, input your vehicle’s information, and then pick the LEDs and the H4 accessories for your Mopar.

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