Video: Ram 1500 Gets Torn Apart In Rookie Recovery From Mud

The video you’ll see below is a prime example of what NOT to do when trying to get a truck unstuck from the mud. In the video, we see a brand new Ford F350 trying to pull out a stuck black current generation Ram 1500 out of a pretty deep salt water mud pit. Right off the bat, we see numerous things wrong with the scenario. First, the F350 is pulling from an awkward angle.

Secondly, once he punches it and snaps the tow strap tight, we knew it was going to be all downhill from there. As soon as the tow strap tightens, you can hear the sound of something breaking. When he backs up and punches it again, you can actually see the back wheel of the Ram move, like it’s going to fall off. There is some serious frame damage being done to it.

Many off-roaders and tow truck operators will tell you to never try and remove a stuck vehicle by ripping it out at full force with a tow strap. Many cases the strap or chain will break and go flying; either damaging the vehicles or ripping somebodies head off.

On the third and final recovery attempt, the Ram finally comes rocketing out of the mud pit and shoots back uncontrolled, luckily not striking anything or anyone. As water pours out of the interior and engine bay, it’s quickly noticeable that thanks to the crude and harsh recovery, the entire passenger side front suspension has been torn apart and the front bumper remained in the mud pit; causing thousands of dollars in damage to the Ram. If these folks had called a tow truck or somebody who actually knew what they were doing, there’s a good chance this Ram could have been recovered with a lot less damage.

When you got daddies money, matagorda did him dirty. Video credits to Jake Nelson

Posted by Blaine Bowen on Monday, June 12, 2017

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Cody Krueger

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