Gallery: Project Orange Crush Crashes the Super Summit Show

If you haven’t attended the Super Summit Show we suggest to add it to your calendar next year. The show took place this past weekend at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. The event extends over a 2 day period starting Friday and ending on Saturday. It’s open to cars, trucks and bikes of any make and model. You can sign up to make passes on the 1/4-mile drag strip or try your hand at dodging cones on the autocross course. If racing is not your forte then you can head over to the cruise in area to check out some sweet rides or Manufacturers Midway to check out new products. Summit Racing was also giving 10% off everything in their catalog for participants and spectators. Oh and the best part is its all free!

You heard right, the event is completely free to spectators and participants both! We don’t know of many shows that you can race down a quarter mile drag strip or run around cones for $0. Jim Greenleaf commented,”Super Summit is really all about customer appreciation, and showing off what our customers have done to their show cars, race cars, off-road trucks and other vehicles with products they’ve purchased from Summit Racing.” The event started out in the parking lot of the Summit Racing store in Tallmadge, Ohio but has cultivated into a show that required a larger location. “We’re really excited about how much this annual event is growing,” said Greenleaf. The event has been held at the Summit Motorsports Park for the last few years and doesn’t look like it’s leaving.

It has been a couple years since we have attended the event. The last time we visited the show it didn’t offer any drag racing or autocross. We decided to make the 2 hour haul in Project Orange Crush to check out the show has evolved. We also thought it would be a good chance to get some seat time in the car around the autocross track. Since we were making a long trek we loaded the car down with many spare parts, a tent, chairs, jack and jack stands just in case we ran into any issues on or off the track.

As we pulled into Summit Motorsports Park we were very impressed at how well the event is organized and setup on account of it being free. We started off by parking in the autocross area where we unloaded all of our stuff, signed a couple waivers and were ready to race. Before walking around we wanted to get a few runs in around the track. After only hitting a couple cones and sliding all over the place we parked the car and headed over to check out the show.

We started with the Manufacturers Midway first which was filled with a lot of familiar faces. Edelbrock, Hurst and a few others had larges display setup outside of the giant tent that housed the rest of the manufacturers. Over 150 companies were in attendance. Each company had experts on hand to answer any questions or provide technical support. As we made our way through the crowds we were able to stop and say hi to a few of our friends including Flaming River Industries, Cooker Tire, QA1, Comp Cams, Borgeson and many others.

Although many of them had smaller displays, it was convenient that they had majority of the companies in one place for everyone to easily walk up and down isles without missing anyone. By the time we were done walking through all the vendors we had a bag full of catalogs, stickers and other free trinkets. The best part is Summit Racing offers a 10% off everything in their catalog and free shipping on orders over $99 both Friday and Saturday. The only stipulation is you have to order your parts at the show. They had multiple Summit Racing employees to help you look up the parts you need and place your order.

We left the big tent and headed over to check out the cruise-in area. We were only in attendance for Friday but were told by many that Saturday brings many more cars and spectators. Although the attendance was light on Friday, we still spotted quite a few different Mopars. Along with the cruise-in cars, there were a few nostalgic drag cars on display. One of which was the Mopar Missile.

As evening started to settle in, Summit Racing had a surprise in store for everyone. They lined up a couple of the Bigfoot trucks to join in the fun. During the day Bigfoot #5 and a newer Bigfoot monster truck were on display for everyone to check out and snap pictures. Its pretty crazy to see Bigfoot #5’s 10 foot tall tires in person. It looks like a giant statue but even though it looked unlikely, the truck does drive. They let them idle for a while and then started off into a barricaded area. Within the area there were a few junk cars lying around awaiting their demise. As the crowd grew and clock struck 7 the newer Bigfoot began to drive around and crush the cars inside the area. No matter how old you may be, watching a monster truck run over and crush cars will never get old.

With the day nearing the end we decided to head back to the autocross area and try to get a couple more runs in. There were a few more cars lined up for the course but we patiently waited for our turn. The course was a set up well but the asphalt was a little slippery. Even a few of the top pro drivers were having trouble with grip. That didn’t stop us from having fun. After drifting around a few more corners we decided to call it quits. We had our fulfillment of ice cream and racing for one day. We gathered our stuff and hit the road.

From Bigfoot crushing cars to us crushing cones, it was a blast. Not to mention the car behaved well and we didn’t break anything. We cant wait until next year for the Super Summit Show. Unlike this year, we will be attending both days next year. Summit Racing Equipment has done a great job incorporating as much as they can to appeal to a variety of automotive enthusiasts and promote organized racing. We hope to see many more Mopar in attendance at next years show.

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Gavin Wollenburg

Gavin grew up around Mopars in his lakeside home in Ohio, his father showing him nearly everything he needed to know about haulin' some serious rear in his '72 Dart Swinger. Since then, he's made his little A-Body a serious autocross contender and regularly shows the modern boys how an old Dart does it!

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