Video: Shake The Junkyard Stick Shift With American Powertrain

Drudging through the junkyard, looking for any pile of parts just to make your jalopy go a little bit faster is part of hot-rodding culture. What isn’t mentioned in the folklore is that, when you get your bounty home, someone has to figure out how to shoehorn a bunch of second-hand parts into a car that they were never made to fit. But now it’s 2019 and going fast has never been easier. Sure-fit parts, including transmissions, are within your grasp and just a few mouse clicks away.

Enter American Powertrain. In a recent video, owner Robert Hall took the time to explain all of the pains, delays, and worries that can come with a junkyard-sourced transmission. The most obvious potential issue is that you’re buying used parts and, as Robert says, “all you know is they lived long enough to, at least, get in one good wreck.” American Powertrain’s Tremec transmissions, on the other hand, are completely new and come with an industry-leading warranty.

Another thing to keep in mind is shifter location. It’s hard to say what shifter configuration you’ll get with a junkyard trans. American Powertrain transmissions have adjustable shifter locations to perfectly fit your application. And don’t forget about tech support. If you get a junker T-56 from the local recycler, you can’t call him and expect help with installation, maintenance, or parts. American Powertrain has tech videos available on their YouTube channel, email support, and 7 AM – 7 PM phone support through the week.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the complete video for more things to think about before strapping on the rubber boots for a trek through the iron cemetery. Visit American Powertrain or give them a call at (931) 646-4836.

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Kent Will

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