Video: Watch This 1,600HP Blown Hemi R/T Challenger On The Dyno


What this video lacks in verifiable data, it makes up for in sheer spine-tingling intimidation. This blacked-out, back-halved, asphalt-boiling ’70 Dodge Challenger R/T is so incredibly violent, that wheel chocks and tie straps are almost not enough to hold it on the rollers as the driver attempts to keep his foot in it as he rolls through the gears. The open-header’ed Keith Black Hemi is topped with (what appears to be) a BDS 14:71 TVS supercharger pressing an insane amount of power through the manifold into a pair of single-plug hemispherical heads.

Of course, the audible assault is too much for the paltry microphone in the recorder’s phone, so much of the audio is a cacophony of blaring white noise as the butterflies snap open. What is also impressive is the tumult of air that swirls around the car as its engine’s vacuum, headers’ exhaust and the velocity of the rear wheels and dyno rollers whip up the garage into a small cyclone, whipping up every possible dust particle off of the floor. It’s truly a sight to be behold.

This fine specimen of Mopar muscle again hails from the Land of Oz, assuring us that ever there was a muscle world war, we Yanks can depend on some fine Australian brothers to fight alongside us. Again, either put in a pair of headphones or turn the volume down if you’re gonna watch this at the office, because this nasty Challenger gets LOUD.

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Kevin Shaw

Editor-in-Chief – Kevin Shaw is a decade-long powersports and automotive journalist whose love for things that go too fast has led him to launching Mopar Connection Magazine. Almost always found with stained hands and dirt under his fingernails, Kevin has an eye for the technical while keeping a eye out for beautiful photography and a great story. He's also the co-author of "The Chrysler B-Body Restoration Guide."

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