Video: Watch This Tuned Honda Challenge a ’69 Charger


If there’s one thing “The Fast and The Furious” franchise has taught us it’s that your kids’ math teacher’s Honda Civic can be made to go pretty fast. Now, if there’s one thing the “Dukes of Hazzard” has taught us, its that Dodge Chargers with turbine wheels can move out pretty good too. So what we have here – aside from an illegal and foolish display of bravado – is a match-up of two archetypal representatives of pop culture fantasies.

But this is real life. Real V-Tech. Real Plum Crazy Purple. Real street race – in what appears to be a European country, given the street signs and wide yellow license plates. The guys with the dash cam seem pretty stoked. And by the look of that hood and wiper blade, they’re Charger guys too. But their buddy’s car does not appear to be even an R/T.

One thing we like about the “F&F” franchise is how they integrate muscle cars – and no shortage of Mopars – into the action. Whether you like the tuner imports or the American iron, there is a little something for everybody in there. This video looks like the set-up for a scene straight out of one of the films. But “The Fast and The Furious” is a fictional narrative derived from real automotive culture. Some say it glorifies street racing and, certainly, the police in any town with a theater will attest to the uptick in stupid antics after the screening of one of the movies.

This scene is not fiction and we’re willing to bet both drivers have seen their fair share of Vin Diesel’s cinematic gravy train. We are just going to say that street racing isn’t cool, no matter what country you’re in or what movies you’ve seen in the last 12 hours. Take it to the track boys – Achtung!

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Des Ryan

Des Ryan has been involved in all levels of Mopar musclecar ownership, from barn finds to drivers to a high-level restored Hemicar. He's also spent over 20 years in the advertising industry as a copywriter and creative director. With pen in one hand and pistol-grip shifter in the other, Des is bringing his two passions together to keep you Direct-Connected.

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