Video: Getting The SRT Hellcat Charger To 204MPH


All of the attention last year was given to Mopar thanks to the Hellcat announcements that were delivered strategically throughout the summer months. Mustang and Camaro owners quickly drew lines in the sand, begging Mopar owners to try to cross it with facts, not fiction. It was easy to see that the butthurt was flowing through them because despite the endless whining and complaining about how the Hellcat Challenger can’t take turns, there was no denying that Mopar was back on the map and in an extreme way.

The announcement of 707 horsepower was enough to make blood boil, and immediately name dropping occurred from Blue Oval fans across the nation: Shelby Super Snake. The Moparians laughed at the weak attempts to get us riled up, because we all know that car didn’t come from the factory that way. They have nothing on us with their aftermarket builds, because there are plenty of other builds wearing the Pentastar that can take on whatever they throw at us.

So how did SRT follow up the Hellcat Challenger with its “most powerful musclecar ever” campaign? Simple, the bosses put that same supercharged Hellcat Hemi into the Charger and told the engineers to get 200+ MPH out of it and don’t come out until you do. Now Dodge has another carrot it’s dangling in front of the muscle car world: “world’s fastest sedan”. Ford and Chevrolet have nothing that even comes close.

The butthurt is back, and while coals from the Hellcat Challenger flame wars are still glowing, the request for proof that the Hellcat Charger can reach more than 200 MPH without the use of a chassis dyno has been made. Dodge answered that call with the video above, showing that the Charger SRT Hellcat is not only capable of 200+ MPH, but that it can do it even with a headwind.

Mopar isn’t playing any games, but since Ford and Chevy owners are Mopar has this to say: Check, and mate.

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