Videos: RestoMods and FiTech Sweepstakes ’69 Dodge Charger Giveaway

Above: The ninth vehicle in the RestoMods Car Club Sweepstakes was a 1969 Dodge Charger equipped with a 440 and a four-speed. RestoMods introduced the project online.

How would you like to win a 1969 Dodge Charger? Not one of us would waste a nanosecond to think about it before responding with an ecstatic and boisterous “Yes!” Recently, Ronald Geer of Jackson, Missouri, had such an event change his life. In early 2020, he entered the 9th RestoMods Car Club Sweepstakes (RM9), and on March 24th, out of thousands of entrants, Geer’s name happened to be selected. The RestoMods crew called Geer (while he was still at work) to inform him he had won. Geer had a choice of $50,000 cash or the 1969 Charger. It wasn’t much of a choice at all – he selected the Charger!

Late last year, RestoMods introduced the RM9 vehicle for the sweepstakes. The car selected was a 1969 Dodge Charger with a 440 and a pistol grip four-speed transmission. The Charger had new gloss black paint, 15-inch Indy 500 wheels, and meaty tires. To take the Charger over the top, the folks at RestoMods had the technical people at FiTech install an EFI system onto the 440. The build-up would not be a basic four-barrel EFI, but rather, a FiTech Six-Pack EFI setup.

Above: To bring the Charger to the 21st century, RestoMods contacted the FiTech reps to update the 440 with an EFI system. The update involved removing the 4bbl carburetor and installing a 6-pack throttle body setup. 

The Charger received a FiTech GO EFI Tri-Power 600hp system designed to work with factory or aftermarket intake manifolds. FiTech’s self-learning computer technology enabled three two-barrel throttle bodies to increase horsepower, drivability, and reliability compared to the four-barrel carburetor.

Installing the entire EFI system required a new fuel tank with an in-tank pump. Two fuel lines, with a fuel filter in the inlet line, and a few electrical connections completed the tank installation. To monitor the fuel ratio, FiTech mounted a Bosch wide-band O2 sensor into the passenger-side X-pipe.

Above: The FiTech technicians swapped the fuel tank, ran new fuel lines, and wired the in-tank fuel pump. The carburetor and intake manifold were removed. A new manifold with three two-barrel throttle bodies were installed.

After swapping the intake manifold, connecting a few wires, plumbing the fuel lines, and adjusting the throttle cable linkage, the installation was completed. To add some flash to the engine bay, FiTech installed three beautiful air cleaner housings to cover the throttle bodies. Lastly, FiTech mounted the computer and monitor. Immediately after the 440 started up, the FiTech EFI self-learning computer began fine-tuning the engine.

Now that Geer has the keys in his hand, he enjoys improved fuel economy and increased horsepower provided by FiTech. Additionally, the benefits from the excellent cold-start ability, enhanced throttle response, and overall ease of use of an EFI system. If you are ever passing through Jackson, Missouri, and you see a well-running black Charger cruising the streets, remember the man behind the wheel is just like us… except he won a Charger.

Above: The FiTech EFI system’s design provides greater fuel economy, greater horsepower, excellent cold-start characteristics, and improved drivability compared to a carburetor. After installation of the FiTech components, the Charger was test driven and prepared for the sweepstakes giveaway.

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Chris Holley

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