American Powertrain’s New Reverse Lock Out Module For 6-speed Tremecs


You wouldn’t think it’s possible, but the chance of accidentally slamming your T-56 or Magnum 6-speed into reverse while cruising down the freeway can happen. See, the 5th gear and reverse are really close together, and the way it can be tricked into doing so is by applying the brake, which unlocks the solenoid opening up the gate, and making the shift (often when downshifting from 6th).

American Powertrain, America’s largest Tremec dealer, has just developed a Reverse Lock Out Module that prevents this from happening all while using your transmission’s VSS speed sensor. The kit is incredibly self-contained, requiring only the module and solenoid pigtail. All you need is an electric speedometer harness to allow the module to communicate that the car is not in motion, and you’ll never have to worry about accidentally engaging reverse at speed ever again.

Here’s the original press release:
Having 6 gears is a joy. But stacking all those gears in transmission case means sometimes there are compromises. 5th gear and reverse on T-56 and Magnum transmissions are really close. Its important to use a safety lock out to prevent from mistakenly shifting into reverse on the freeway! The method that is used is to intercept your brake light wire so the solenoid knows you are stepping on the brake and therefore energizes the lock out to unlock the gate. The problem with this is sometimes you step on your brake at speed and can easily still put your car into reverse on the road.

Our new module eliminates this problem by using the VSS speed sensor in the transmission to tell the solenoid you are at 0 mph. Therefore you can safely put your car into reverse. Easily wires to Magnum or T56 6-Speed to unlock reverse when car is not moving. The most elegant and simple way to hook up your reverse lock-out solenoid. Safest way to use your reverse lock out. Includes module, solenoid pigtail and full instructions.

Requires electric speedo harness.


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