Now Selling GlassSkinz Hellion Rear Window Louvers

Do you have a 2008-2019 Dodge Challenger? Does your interior temperature rise to an uncomfortable temperature while sitting in the summertime sun? Would keeping the interior temperature cool while increasing the exterior cool factor interest you? If you answered yes to these three questions, then American Muscle has new rear window louvers designed to fit your Challenger.

The new GlassSkinz Hellion Rear Window Louvers are constructed from premium-quality ABS plastic, so it is durable and long lasting. A variety of finishes and colors can be selected to match your Challenger. The design of the louvers minimizes the penetration of the sun to the interior, which will reduce the interior temperatures of your Mopar.

Above left: The new GlassSkinz Hellion Rear Window Louvers from American Muscle are constructed from premium-quality ABS plastic. The louvers come in matte, satin, or a high luster black, or a range of body colors to match your Challenger. Above right: The louver’s design lessens the sun’s penetration into the interior, which will reduce the interior temperatures of your Challenger. The installation is extremely simple. Just properly de-wax and clean the glass, then peel the 3M sticker tape backer, and stick the louvers to the rear glass.

The installation of the window louvers could not be easier. It will take less than fifteen minutes to complete. Included with the Hellion rear louvers kit are the louvers, glass cleaner, a de-wax compound, and microfiber cloths to clean the rear glass. 3M two-sided tape is attached to the louvers, which ensures the louvers stay in place. Just de-wax the exterior glass, clean with the glass cleaner, peel off the backing on the tape, and affix the louvers onto the window.

A two-year warranty against defects and a one-year warranty for the paint, hydrodip, and other coatings comes with the purchase. And, if it couldn’t get any better, the GlassSkinz’s Hellion Rear Window Louvers are made in the USA.

If you have an interest in the rear window louvers for your Challenger, check out American Muscle or give their reps a call. They will be happy to fix you up with the best color and finish to match your Challenger.

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Chris Holley

Technical Contributor Chris has been a college professor for 25 years; at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. for the last 20 years. Chris instructs automotive classes in HVAC, electrical/electronics, and high-performance, including using a chassis dyno, flow benches, and various machining equipment. Recently, he added a vintage vehicle upholstery class to his teaching assignments. Chris owns a '67 Dart, a '75 Dart, a '06 Charger, and a '12 Cummins turbo diesel Ram, and he is a multi-time track champion (drag racing) with his '69 340 Dart, which he has owned for 34 years.

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