AmericanTrucks’ Cover Up Giveaway Ends in 3 Days!

The advantages of truck bed covers are many and, apparently, well-known. According to AmericanTrucks (AT), “A recent survey of our ‘truckstomers’ revealed that bed covers, AKA tonneau covers, are one of the most popular product categories on AT’s site.” That’s precisely why they’ve decided to give away not one, but five truck bed covers during their Cover Up Giveaway. Now through July 3, 2019, enter daily for a chance to win tonneau covers for yourself and four of your friends.

The protection a bed cover provides is twofold. For one, it protects against the weather. Got a giant load of firewood and Styrofoam coolers for a weekend camping excursion? A bed cover will keep the rain and wind out so everything is present and prepared for some quality time in the outdoors. Secondly, a cover can protect against theft. Many are lockable and keep your goodies out of sight, the simplest theft deterrent of all. Finally, a cover can improve fuel mileage by decreasing the amount of air drag generated by the pocket of turbulent air present in many uncovered beds.

Fold-up, roll-up, retractable, and hinged configurations are available to maximize versatility for your application. Retractable and roll-up covers are generally considered “soft” covers as they are made of a heavy duty vinyl material that can be retracted or rolled out of the way. “Hard” fold-up or hinged covers are usually a bit more expensive, but offer even more lock-down security than soft varieties. Either way, AT is sure to have the one you need.

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