Bring Your Mopar Up to Speed for Less with Summit Racing Forged Pro Pistons

Are you planning on punching your standard-bore 440 .030-over, or building a wild 408 cubic inch stroker small block? Amazingly, Summit Racing is jumping the middle man and offering Mopar enthusiasts top quality, lightweight forged pistons for LA, B and RB engines. Oh wait, do you need connecting rods to go with those? Yup, Summit’s got it’s own line of connecting rods too. How about a crankshaft for that stroker Magnum you wanted? Yessir. They’ve got those too.

We’ve all heard about the “Mopar tax” but with more and more aftermarket support coming our way, building the hopped up, street tire-burning vintage Mopar you’ve always wanted (that is, on a doable budget) is coming closer to a reality. High performance pistons used to be the stuff of big dollar dreams – not so anymore. And because you’re dealing with Summit, chances are they’ve got it in stock and available for delivery within a couple of days. Man, it’s good to be a Mopar lover these days.

Here’s the original press release:
Back in the day most manufacturers stuffed their engines with cast pistons. They were cheap to make and offered ‘good enough’ life for daily drivers. But adding high performance parts and spinning your engine to higher RPMs can spell doom for the stock cast slugs. That’s why your hi-po engine build needs Summit Racing™ Forged Pro Pistons.

Summit Racing™ Forged Pro Pistons are not your grandad’s performance pistons. Made in the USA, these units are made using ultra-modern technology and materials so they’re stronger and lighter than other forged pistons. Features include:

  • One of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any forged piston design on the market today
  • Reduced weight takes stress off the crank, rods, and block and makes it easier and cheaper to balance the rotating assembly
  • Extra thick ring lands tolerate moderate nitrous and boost amounts, with critical areas deburred for more strength and to reduce the chances of detonation
  • Designed for use with nitride steel top ring packs and gas ported piston rings to reduce friction and bore wear
  • Special skirt profiles allow tighter clearances to reduce piston rock for quieter operation

Maybe best of all, SUMMIT RACING™ FORGED PRO PISTONS are a great value. Combined a set with a Summit Racing™ Forged Crankshaft and Performance Connecting Rods, you can make a whole bunch of horsepower while saving a whole bunch of money!

Summit Racing™ Forged Pro Pistons are available for small and big block Chevy, Chrysler 360/383/440, Ford 302/460, Oldsmobile 350/455, and Pontiac 400/455.

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Kevin Shaw

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