Classic Industries Spotlights ’66 Dodge Charger Restomod

If you’re a fan of first-gen Chargers, you’re guaranteed to love this one from our friends at Classic Industries. Finished in a fantastic shade of metallic green paint, this 1966 Dodge Charger is owned by Chad Reid out of Costa Mesa, California. Chad has owned his classic Charger for more than a year’s time now, and he’s been loving every minute of it from what Classic Industries reports in its original article featuring his car.

The Charger features a full restoration centering around some modern touches to the old girl which really bring out her features. For starters, Chad had all of the external chrome trim updated to ensure the Charger would shine bright under nearly every lighting scenario, and we dig it.

Next up was a full set of Toyo Proxes tires wrapped around a set of American Racing wheels. On the inside of the Charger, a fully restored interior boasts a tan upholstery which could rival the OEM stuff. You’ve probably noticed a theme with Chad’s ‘66 Charger, one which follows a style which compliments it from when it left the factory. That trend continues with taking the high path and keeping a Mopar power-plant under its hood.

Boasting a 408ci stroker V8 crate engine allows the Charger to roar to life and play the part of a classic musclecar, paired with none other than a 727 automatic transmission, of course. Chad has trusted Classic Industries with all of his replacement parts, and the craftsmanship surely shows. Check out the company’s catalog here for replacement and aftermarket parts for your own classic Mopar.

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