Flaming River Introduces an All-New Tech Guide: Tech School


We’ve all been in that dreadful situation where installing a new steering rack can become quite the job early on if you’re new to the gig, especially if you’re installing one in your home garage. But whether you’re a mopar enthusiast, or a car enthusiast all around, Flaming River has taken a step forward in providing some badass resources by helping us car folk-install a new power or manual steering rack – making the job a little bit easier.

Rolling out the big guns earlier this year, Flaming River introduced an all-new tech guide, dubbed the “Flaming River Tech School,” which answers virtually every steering related question you could ever imagine. From technical product sheets, to specifications sheets, videos, and more, enthusiasts can lean on this information as a resource to help you learn more about the steering system, and overcome any efforts you may have along the way.

Riddled with tons of how-to installation videos, technical information, and a massive FAQ, these resources are a fantastic way to educate ourselves on selecting the right components for our classic or modern Mopar projects with the precision of a ninja. And for those of you who aren’t able to indulge in an off-the-shelf option from Flaming River for your classic or modern Mopar project, the steering aces at Flaming River can assist you in a complete, custom setup to fit your needs.

For more tech tips, installation guides, and unanswered questions you may have, give Flaming River’s website a look for yourself, and check out what’s available your project today.

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