Gallery: Hemi Was The Word At The 2019 Performance Racing Industry Show

You may have heard us talking about the PRI Show in the past and we realize many of you might not know what it is. The Performance Racing Industry or PRI Show for short, is similar to the SEMA Show but with less bling. The show is taken place at the Indiana Convention Center in early December every year. It is a trade show and not open to race fans. You have to prove you own, manage or represent a racing business or professional race team to attend. 

The show exhibits everything from new products, feature builds, new machinery, meet and greets with racers and more. We enjoy this show each year as it is less crazy than SEMA and we actually have a chance to hold conversations with sponsors. The show is a great place to see what is trending in the automotive industry as a whole. This year we are glad to report that we came across a lot of Gen III HEMI products and some very exciting conversations with some major companies about even more exciting Gen III HEMI products.

As the show is focused on racing it was only logical that a ton of go fast goodies were on display. One of our first stops was the Holley booth. If you missed it, they recently released a fabricated intake and Terminator EFI harness for Gen III HEMIs. We over heard plenty of Hemi talk going on in and around the booth. Racers looking to HEMI swap their cars, get more performance from there current HEMI and more. We talked to Holley about Project Orange Crush and decided that the new Terminator EFI harness is going to be a better fit than the HP EFI. We should be jumping back into the 392 Hemi swap real soon. Holley is doing a lot to  help make Hemi expand one the Gen III HEMI platform with swap and performance parts.

Leaving the Holley booth we stopped by BMP Hardcore Racing Products to confirm some rumors. Going back to the roots, BMP has been working on producing an all aluminum 426 first Gen Hemi for a while. There have been a few set backs to say the least but they made it through and are excited to announce that the block is in full production. They had a motor on display and it was glorious. Just think, no more searching and paying through the nose for a wore out 426 Hemi block that needs fixed. You can purchase a lighter and stronger 426 Hemi block from BMP and build that motor you always wanted. 

Cruising up and down isles on the way to the next booth we were overwhelmed with billet. It was like walking through a jewelry store. Hemi heads that were ported to a mirror finish and could almost fit my fist into. Turbos bigger than my head and more. If you are looking to go fast this is the show for you.

The guys at Proform products also had a lot of exciting news for the Mopar world. They recently released a slew of new Mopar Official engine dress up parts. From wing nuts to breather caps and more. If you are looking to spruce up your engine bay, Proform has what you need. We got to see the newest Mopar roller rockers from Proform. These are a big upgrade over the older rockers. We had both side by side and the new roller rockers are night and day differece. They have also dove deep into cooling and are expanding their line of radiators. They have some crazy engineered fan controllers and radiators that will blow you away. Proform is stepping up their game for 2020.

You may not have seen a lot this past year about Fitech but that is going to change in 2020. We talked to the guys there and they were pumped to tell us that the all new Force Fuel system is in full production. It is better in every way compared to their previous EFI fuel sumps. It’s smaller, allows use of previous fuel lines, built in pressure gauge, return line compatible and more. The Force Fuel system makes going to EFI a breeze. It will also work very well with their six pack EFI set up too. 

As we strolled through the show we ran into a few people that we were not expecting. At the Holley booth we ran into Matt Graves of American Powertrain, which was a blessing. We had a few questions for him about their newest T-56 to small block Mopar bellhousing. We are doing some double top secret testing for them and hopefully will be releasing some more great news soon. Some time after leaving there we ran into Rick Love of Vintage Air. Rick likes to use the show to meet with his clients instead of being chained to a booth. We chatted about a couple upcoming tech articles and some projects we are working on. He also mentioned the possibility of some new Mopar specific products in the works. 

Classic Dash had a small booth stuffed to the brim of dashes and gauges for about anything you could think of. They recently have started to adapt the new Holley Digital Dashes to their current lineup of dashes. You would think it would be easy but after talking with the crew, it is not. There is a lot of testing that goes into the dash before they offer it for sale. We have been extraordinarily happy with our dash in Project Orange Crush. If you want your motor to last you need accurate gauges and be able to view them easily. They are still expanding their Mopar lineup of dashes We cannot wait to see what they release in 2020.

We caught another show stopper, Baer Brakes, showing off their pizza sized brakes. Bear Brakes combines function and style like no other brake company. They have a full color palette you can choose from to transform your calipers to a piece of art. They can do custom engraving and custom colors if needed. We are almost done installing a big ass Baer Brake kit on Project Orange Crush. The installation has been very simple and we are stoked to test them out on the track this year.

Flaming River was showing off their game changing VDOG steering gear adapter. Although it’s not new, it is still the only one of its kind out there. With Gen III HEMI swaps becoming more popular, this can be a very useful product for those with limited space for steering shaft. The possibilities are endless with the VDOG when it comes to how to route your steering linkage. Whether you are working on a truck, car, bus, etc. the VDOG can make life a lot easier.

The show lasts for 3 days but we only stayed for 2. After walking a few miles each day and cramming everything in we did, it was time to pack up and prepare for 2020. We have a few new sponsors coming on board this year and planning out a year of awesome content. The new advertisers will help us develop more tech content that everyone loves. Although a few other magazines got the axe last month, we are just getting started. We do not plan to go anywhere and dedicated to keep bringing you new content daily. Get ready because 2020 is going to be epic. 


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