Gallery: Mopar Connection’s Favorite Mopars of PRI 2016


The final two big shows to close out each year are SEMA and PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Trade Show. They both are similar in showcasing companies, great builds and new products for 2017. Although PRI is not as large as SEMA, there is still an abundance of great companies and also accompanied by many other supplemental companies such as milling and machining companies. Mopar Connection traveled to Indianapolis this past week to see what we Mopar stuff we could dig up. To our surprise, we found an abundance of Mopars on the floor as well as very cool parts.

As always, the PRI show was packed as soon as the doors opened up Thursday morning. After a short walk in sub-freezing temperatures, we made it inside. Instantly you are greeted with automotive products no matter what entrance you enter. There are engines, cars, superchargers and more packed in to every square inch of one of the largest convention centers in the US. They have just about anything you need for any vehicle; even trailer exhibitors are parked around outside the convention center too. Unfortunately, as Mopar enthusiasts, we are small fish in the big sea at PRI. The show is littered with LS and Chevy parts but we were able to sift through and find all the Mopar stuff we needed.

Our plan of attack was to walk each isle up and down so we wouldn’t miss anything, but that’s all but impossible to do – especially as we were only there for one full day. We started off up our first row. At the end of the row we noticed some 3rd gen Hemi heads on display. Come to find out, it was at Livernois booth and they were showing off their top end upgrades. Not only can they work with the 5.7 and 6.4 Gen III’s but they have started CNC machine porting on the Hellcats 6.2 heads.

Above: QA1’s easy bolt-in black powder coated sway bars for A, B and E-bodies.

Above: Kooks headers and exhaust brought their insane 9-second 300c “Pumpkin Eater II.” This car is built for ½-mile competition and gets it done with a supercharger and some nitrous, yet still retains all the comfort of leather seats and A/C !


Above: This wide body Challenger supporting some type of forced induction, multiple carbon fiber parts, full cage and much more

Next stop was the Holley Performance booth, which was packed with people. We got to take a quick look at their new Sniper EFI system and chat for a brief moment. Next stop was Harland Sharp and their roller rockers. Leaving there and couple booths away was Milodon. They had an all aluminum Hemi on display and as you know offer oil pans for every Mopar you can think of. They have even worked with aftermarket K-frames and have designed some motor swap pans for Dakotas.

We had to stop and see our friends at COMP Cams. They had enough stuff on display that we could have stayed there for half the day. We were off to the next booth, which happened to be our good friends at QA1. As we were snooping around, we eyed their bolt-in oversized sway bars for A-, B- and E-bodies. They have their own suspension kits with sway bars which are direct replacements for stock applications. Although we wanted to hang out and drool over some shiny new suspension components, we had no time and were headed to the next booth.

We swung by Weld Racing and discovered that they have teamed up with Forgestar and will be coming out with some new drag race wheels next year. Forgestar was the first company to use rotary forged flow forming to make their wheels. They have normally used that technology for road race wheels but are now using it to develop new drag race style wheels. This allows the wheels to be light yet stay very strong and helps keep the cost down, which is a plus.

Above: We spotted Rad Rides’ 1966 Plymouth Belvedere. This car is not only stunning but it has a few discreet upgrades. From oversized solid steel wheels, to a digital display instead of the stock speedometer, 526 cubic inch Hemi and, oh a pair of turbos tucked behind the rear wheels that pushes the Hemi over 1000hp!


Above: Moroso had this insane Disomma Racing Engines Hemi on display.

Above left: Custom diesel drag truck on displaying showing off a giant turbo and other custom work. We can only imagine what this thing sounds like flying down the track. Above right: Among many of the Street Outlaw Cars that were scattered everywhere, we were happy to see that the 1967 Dart named Dominator. The Dart is supporting dual 88mm turbos, although they are paired up to a BB Chevy, there are plans to swap it out for a Hemi eventually, and we cant wait to see that! We are glad to see a Mopar duking it out with those other brands.

The next stop was to one of the most recognized names in aftermarket performance; everyone knows Flowmaster, B&M and Hurst but what we were most impressed with was the Hurst Elite Series Program. We got to see the specialty plaque and a sneak peak at there soon to be released video. We will have further details on the Elite Series Program in later months.

One of our favorite stops was the Edelbrock booth. They had a ton of Mopar stuff on display. As most of you know, they have small and big block Mopar heads, intakes, dress up and even cams. That’s all fine and dandy but what we were eager to see was their new Gen III Hemi intake and heads! These are great bolt-on performance adders for anyone looking to run a 5.7 , 6.1 or 6.4 Hemi either in their modern Mopar or classic restomod. Best of all, they are all made right here in the USA. They also had their Jeep 4.0 head on display that was also impressive.

As we continued our way around the convention center, we ran across Flaming River and Be Cool radiators who you’ll know were big supporters of Mopar Connection this past year. We look to continue to bring you great tech and product reviews from both of them in 2017. As we cruised on down the isles we had to stop at the Powermaster booth. As many have come to discover, Powermaster not only offers superior gear reduction and even stock replacement starters, but a 200amp stock replacement alternator that only weighs about 1.5 lbs. more that stock! We know a couple projects that might need some help in the charging field and we know exactly where to start.


Above: Milodon was kickin’ old school with this blown all-aluminum 426 Gen II Hemi.

Above center: Top Fuel dragsters hanging from the ceiling are just your typical “PRI decor.” Above right: As the clock edged closer to 5, we headed back towards the entrance we came in. As we were chatting up COMP’s Chris Douglas at the CPG booth, we noticed a familiar face hanging out, David Freiburger from Hot Rod Magazine and “Roadkill.” Kevin, our Editor-in-Chief chatted David up having worked in-directly together over a dozen years ago while at Mopar Muscle, and grab a photo with him like so many fanboys. It was a great way to end a very long day.

Above: Remember when PRI was held in Orlando, Florida? Sub-freezing temperatures made us rethink the move back to Indy.

As the day began to get late, we hustled around and made it to a couple more booths before they turn the lights out (which they really do). The first stop out of the last two was Kooks headers and exhaust. They make incredible stainless steel headers and exhaust systems for just about anything. What intrigued us was their new Green Cat converters. They come standard on every full Hellcat exhaust they sell.

After that we caught up with the guys at Aeromotive. They have recently launched new fuel injection tanks for A- and E-bodies and working on B-bodies right now. These are bolt-in tanks that you can plumb in and your done. No external pump or cutting up a tank to put a universal pump into. They are baffled and ready to roll with a new 3rd Gen Hemi or one of the many aftermarket fuel injection kits.

We were thrilled that we had time to see most of our sponsors face-to-face, which included Edelbrock, COMP Cams, Flaming River, QA1, Milodon, Be Cool Radiators, VFN Fiberglass, Holley and Hedman Headers. We are very thankful for all that they have done for us and we look forward to a great 2017. We have big things planned for next year and cannot wait to see what PRI has in store for us next December.


Above: ProMaxx demonstrates why a quality CNC porting job is worth the extra time and money.

Above: This tube-chassis Duster was never without a crowd. Brandishing a NASCAR-style 360 with a dual-carbed tunnel ram, this A-body was one of the more impressive machines.

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