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A voltage drop in an electrical circuit is good if it occurs across a load, such as a light or motor. However, an unwanted voltage drop in a wire will consume some voltage resulting in dim lighting or a motor that does not reach its full speed potential.

Our vintage Mopars had charging and starting systems that were adequate for the day. Nevertheless, with decades of age and possibly, multiple electrical additions and modifications, the wires may be a significant source of voltage drop.

Above Left: The Powermaster “Ready to Use” Charge Cables have multiple stranded wires with hydraulically terminated eyelets on each end. Above Right: The Powermaster Charge Cable (left) has plenty of copper (for increased electron flow) compared to an off-the-shelf cable from a parts store. 

To resolve the voltage drop concerns, Powermaster has its new “Ready to Use” Charge Cables that virtually eliminate unwanted voltage drops to maintain the proper lighting or motor operation. In addition, because size is essential for wires, Powermaster offers red-sleeved (positive side) charge wires in American Wire Gauge (AWG) 0-to-8-gauge diameters and lengths ranging from two to 12 feet.

Above: The Charge Cables can be ordered in 0-to-8-American Wire Gauge diameters. The positive cables (red) come in two- to 12-foot lengths, and the negative cables (black) are available in lengths up to three feet.

While bolstering the positive side of the charging circuit, many enthusiasts forget the ground (negative) side of the electrical path. Chrysler noted the ground side importance in its 1963 Master Technician’s Service Reference Book, Session 63-4, which stated:

All too frequently, the importance of good, low-resistance ground connections is overlooked. The engine, body, battery ground cable, and ground connections at electrical units are just as important as the “positive side” wires and connections.

Above: When we wired an ammeter bypass, we made our wires (bottom). The Powermaster Charge Cable (top) was employed during our Powermaster alternator upgrade. The Powermaster was a larger gauge and highly flexible when compared to the other wire. 

Powermaster expanded upon the significance of the grounding of the circuit with the suggestion of adding a grounding wire of the same AWG as the charge wire from the alternator to an engine or body ground. To denote the negative side of the circuit, Powermaster has black sleeved ground side wires that are sized from 0-to-8-gauge diameters and lengths up to three feet.

The Powermaster wires are superior to off-the-shelf parts store wires because the USA-constructed cables consist of fine strands of pure, oxygen-free copper wires. The strands are coated in a super flexible ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) sheathing that is resistant to heat, abrasion, and oil. Each end of the wire has a hydraulically terminated ¼- or 5/16-inch eyelet. At the alternator end of the cable, a terminal boot covers the B+ alternator stud, protecting it from accidental shorting to a ground.

Above Left: When we installed the Powermaster Charge Cable on our 1967 Dart in a previous editorial, we were impressed with the quality construction and flexibility of the wire. Above Right: Powermaster recommends grounding the alternator with the same gauge wire as the positive side of the circuit. As a result, we installed a Charge Cable from the Powermaster alternator to the engine block.

Mopar Connection Magazine has had great success with the Powermaster Charge Cables. We upgraded our 1967 Dart to a high-amp Powermaster alternator with Charge Cables in the Stepping Up the Amperage editorial. Prior to that, we took the time to transition from the factory series ammeter charging circuit to a voltmeter and ammeter bypass electrical circuit in the From Ammeter to Voltmeter story, which would have benefited from the Charge Cables, even without performing an alternator upgrade.

Regardless of what you desire to do with the charging or starting circuits of your Mopar, Powermaster has the cables, alternators, and starters to vastly improve the reliability, durability, and enjoyment of your ride. All it takes to get Powermaster products is a visit to the website or a call to its sales representatives.

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